6 Things Business Startups Shouldn’t Worry About


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When a startup is just beginning, there is enough work to do without worrying about unnecessary aspects. Here are six things you shouldn’t worry about with your start up.

1. Web address.

You can build a web presence later. While it’s important to have, even a basic, free website is better than nothing. It’s better to focus your funding on the places it can be most effective rather than spending it willy-nilly trying to get the perfect URL.

2. Accounting software.

Unless you know how to use it, accounting software is useless. It’s better to keep a simple record of expenses and income in a notebook and allow a professional to handle it all once tax time comes around. Otherwise, you run the risk of recording the information incorrectly and getting yourself into a world of trouble.

3. Logo.

You’ll need to build a brand at some point, but right now, you’re a startup. Worry about surviving the first few months before you begin worrying about designing a fancy logo. Go ahead and get a cheap one if you want, but save the hardcore branding campaigns for later down the road.

4. Slogan.

The same idea as the logo applies to your slogan. What service do you provide? Once you’ve built up a customer base and survived the critical first few months, you can figure out what it is you provide better than everyone else. You can hire copywriters to set up your entire marketing campaign then. Let your work define you for now.

5. Business plan.

Business plans are a thing of the past. As a startup in today’s world, you need to be flexible and able to adapt to rapidly changing conditions. Trying to stick to a rigid business plan is nothing more than a roadmap to failure, so don’t stress over it. Let ‘be ready for anything’ be your business plan.

6. Fancy offices.

It doesn’t matter if you are working out of a renovated barn. You don’t need gardens, fencing, or curb appeal. All of that will come later. For now, you need to focus on creating outstanding service for all of your customers. If you provide something better than anyone else, then you will get more business – the appearance of your offices doesn’t matter.  That being said, you may want to consider hiring a company like City Fence to install a fence for your business to protect your company from theft and burglary.

If you have a startup, worry about improving your business for the first few months. After six months of steady income, start looking into the other aspects of business.

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