Unexpected Ways Your Business Can Lower Its Power Bill


Every business is capable of reducing its power bill by a significant amount. The savings can be used for bonuses, new office equipment or even something fun like a company pizza party. Below, we list a few tips that have the potential to lower power bills by hundreds of dollars a year.

Unexpected Ways Your Business Can Lower Its Power BillTurn Off the Computers After Work

Although it might come as a surprise, plenty of business owners and managers instruct their employees to leave their computers on when they leave work. This is a terrible idea. By turning off your computer instead of leaving it in sleep mode, you can save 40 watt-hours per day. That adds up to 4 cents a day, or $14 per year. At a bare minimum, computers should always be put to sleep to conserve energy. Some computers can even be programmed to turn on at a specific time each day so that employees don’t have to burn time at their desks waiting for their computers to power up.

Clean Air Ducts

One of the best ways to reduce power use is to clean out your building’s air ducts. When air ducts are clean, their pathways are clear for air to travel unobstructed. The result is less work for your furnace and air conditioner. Calgary residents, business owners and managers should reach out to companies like Arpi’s Industries Ltd. with HVAC experts for a thorough duct cleaning. The result will not only be cleaner air flowing through the building but also a nice savings on the power bill.

Unplug Electronic Devices at Night

Decades ago, people would have laughed if you suggested that they unplug their electronic equipment when away from the home or the office. Nowadays it is quickly becoming an accepted practice and for good reason. Even when electronic devices are not in use, they eat up phantom energy. This can add up to a hefty utility bill, considering the number of electronics that the typical office uses. Be sure to unplug your office’s computers, monitors, printers, fax machines and kitchen equipment before leaving. Or, unplug the surge protectors that these devices are plugged in to.

Convert to LED Light Bulbs

Both LED light bulbs and compact fluorescent light bulbs cost a bit more than traditional light bulbs but they last much longer. More importantly, they consume merely 25% of the energy that traditional light bulbs use. Over time these light bulbs will pay for themselves and then some.a

Business owners and managers will be able to trim the company power bill by a hefty amount if they follow the advice listed above. Aside from saving money, these power saving actions will also help the environment. All it takes is some awareness and a little initiative.

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