Top 6 Ways to Start Making Easy Money Fast


Whatever your reasons, in this guide I will run through 6 of the top ways to make money online. Some you may already know of, some may be new to you… One thing that should be said is that you should never assume these ways are going to make you rich, very few people ever make a living from the Internet or from working from home and those that do rarely make it overnight.

These ways will all be easy enough for most people to complete, will not require much or any outlay to get started and like surveys will not take up too much of your time.

So lets get to it…

1.Get Paid for Online Surveys

There is no doubt that for many people completing online surveys can be a great little cash earner, they are not too time consuming and you can pick them up as and when you like. If you decide you don’t have time one week that’s no problem, there is little commitment which makes surveys a flexible earner. Many people who work full or part time complete paid surveys in their spare time as a way of making some extra money. While surveys will never make you a full time income there are plenty of other ways you can supplement your online surveys to earn even more cash. Sometimes you may find that you don’t get offered so many surveys or perhaps you’re looking to earn a little extra. In fact those that work online often have multiple streams of income and rarely rely on just one. For more information about making money with surveys go to: . If you want to make more money with paid surveys, you definitely have to read this blog. Here you will find many interesting tips about paid surveys and also reviews of all legitimate survey panels.

2.Get paid to search Google, Bing, eBay and more...

Most of use one of these sites almost every day yet very few of us are getting rewarded for doing so, Qmee is a site that displays non-intrusive ads next to your search results on Google, eBay, Amazon and more. The ads do not show all of the time and are always relevant to your search, when you click one of the ads you earn anywhere from $.10 – $.030 on average. Over a month this can accumulate to anywhere from $5-$15, it won’t take you much time or effort and is a means of extra income for little extra work.

The site pays out by Paypal and this is very quick, there is no minimum amount required to withdraw, you can also choose to donate some of your earnings to charity if you wish.

3.Earn money from testing mobile apps

There are millions of apps on the mobile app stores and equally as many on desktops and on the web, these apps all need testing for usability, security and to make sure that they are free from bugs. Many companies have a specific budget to pay for people to test their apps for them and write short reports on the problems they find.

Another site to register to is: , which pays $10 per website you test and $15 per mobile test. It’s worth registering to a couple so you get a steady stream of jobs coming through.

4.Got a passion…? Write an eBook

Self publishing has become hugely popular in recent years with the rising popularity of the Amazon Kindle. It is something that can be both fun and rewarding with he right attitude. These days it is easier than ever for authors to self-publicize and sell their works using services such as Kindle Direct Publishing.

It is recommended that you get a professionally designed cover for your book to make it stand out from the crowd. If you are not the design type you can pay a designer to create you a cover for $5-$10 on sites like .

It is also recommended that you create social media pages for your book and a website before it is published, this will allow you to collect emails from people interested in your book and you can let them know when the book is released or when there are sequels/special offers etc…

Many sellers on the Kindle store sell their book for just 69p but that doesn’t stop them making six figures from their books. If you have the right story the market available on the kindle store is exceptional.

5.Create a website for something you are interested in

Creating a website is generally one of the cheapest types of businesses you can start, you don’t need costly premises, you don’t have to worry about as much legislation and paying for utility bills, you may not even need to sell or ship and physical shop. A website could be as simple as deciding on something you are interested in and talking about it, then promoting products with affiliate links so you earn when someone makes a purchase.

For example the latest Call of Duty game, what is going to be in it? Why should people be excited about it? Where can they buy it? (An opportunity for you to make a cut of the sale). What rumours are there you can talk about.. It could be about a new type of diet, or could be about a popular children’s gift for Christmas. The idea is to build your site up with quality and useful information and then place relevant ads in the site. You don’t have to produce a huge amount of information just enough that there is enough for people to read on your site.

You don’t have to be an expert either, you can get hold of a web domain and web hosting very cheap and a website template for free if you use a content management system such as

6.Selling freelance services

Selling freelance services online can be a great way of making some extra money, while it’s not quite as simple as answering surveys it doesn’t have to take much more time and you’ll probably have more fun. If you like reading books for example you could proofread an authors book, or if you like writing there are 1000’s people looking to pay for writers online.

According to the most popular freelance services demanded by businesses in 2013 were:

1. Article Writing

2. Content Writing

3. English translation

4. Blogs

5. Web Content

6. Graphic Design


8. PHP

9. Creative Writing

10. Copywriting

You need to find something you have an interest in and something you would be willing to offer as a service that people are going to want to buy. For example writing, designing, research, creative writing.

Freelancing websites generally take a cut of but this is usually added to the cost to the client and not payable by the freelancer, most freelancer sites offer “premium membership” which costs each month however this is not completely necessary however will allow you to apply for more jobs and give you premium placement.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel that you have enough experience. You can learn on the job, the beauty of freelancing is that there is a huge pool of people to choose from, depending on a company’s budget. If you see yourself as a beginner, then charge beginner prices, if you’re a little more experienced then charge accordingly until you build more skill and confidence.

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