Top 3 Financial Reasons to Switch to Turf


While some individuals will argue they simply prefer the look of a natural grass-covered lawn, the truth is there is little difference aesthetically speaking other than turf is more uniform than grass. That being said, uniformity and overall look is one big benefit for switching to turf, but the pros don’t stop there. No landscape consideration is complete without considering the financial side of things, and when it comes to finances, turf is a big win too. We’ve researched and identified the three most important financial reasons why you should switch your lawn to turf.
Top 3 Financial Reasons to Switch to Turf










Big Financial Benefits of Choosing Turf

1. Decreased Maintenance Costs

While many homeowners and even schools or municipalities struggle with the upfront cost of turf, they aren’t considering the cost savings associated with this change. Turf of any kind has an especially long lifespan, so it doesn’t need to be replaced constantly like grass. Additionally, turf does not require mowing or water like traditional grass and sod.

2. Extended Cost Savings

Turf is also a more substantial surface and usable field than grass. Because turf is more durable, it will withstand more use, which means your can enjoy your lawn, field, or play area even more. These savings on maintenance are only compounded when you consider the cost savings on water and fuel. Experts in Richmond sod, like those at Western Turf Farms Ltd., say that you can save anywhere between 1,000 and 50,000 gallons of water per week during the growing season by not watering a lawn or playing field. That in itself is enough to make anyone switch to synthetic.

3. Return on Investment

Another financial benefit of switching to turn is the return on the investment. According to real estate research that includes a number of independent long-term studies, the switch from grass to turf has a return of anywhere between 100 and 200%. When compared to other ROI (return on investment) calculations, landscaping is a forerunner, beating out a kitchen remodel estimated at 125%, a bathroom makeover at 120%, and a pool at 50%. If you’re looking to eventually sell your home, this is an option you just can’t pass up as it lures potential buyers more than any others. And, even if you’re not selling, you’ll get to enjoy your landscaping makeover for years to come.

These three financial benefits are enough for most people to see the clear advantage of turf, but if you’re not convinced yet, consider a few of the other major benefits. Turf helps curb soil erosion, reduces dust and mud issues, enhances the aesthetic appearance of the lawn, and reduces not only cost but also time investments.


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