Innovations in the Gaming Industry for 2014


Gaming has become a massive industry. Whether you enjoy a quick go on the slot machine in you’re nearest bar, or you go all out and spend a week or two in the capital of gaming, Las Vegas, the gaming industry is anywhere and everywhere. Because of this, it’s important that the gaming industry, as a whole, moves with the times and comes up with new and improved ideas on how to move gaming forward. Ease of use amongst gamblers has become paramount in todays technology age and new security measures must also be implemented to keep up to date with the fast moving technology. Industry figures like Francesco Corallo (who was recently in the news as a court forbids link between Francesco Corallo and mafia) and others in the gaming industry have noticed this change and have implemented a number of initiatives to stay ahead of the curve.

No Coins Ticket Vouchers


Ticket vouchers have been used instead of coins in some casinos, and this obviously reduces the risk of lost coins. It has been successful and is spreading across casinos around the world rapidly. Another innovation, which is worth mentioning in this article, is the new stream of gaming machines that simply downloads the gaming software for that particular game. For example, a casino could buy 10 of these machines and program 4 to be slot machines and the other 6 to be blackjack machines. This means expenditure on constantly upgrading for new machinery will be severely reduced. A part of the gaming industry that has exploded in the last 5 years or so is the rise of social media gaming. This promotes gaming on a worldwide scale and a fun and friendly way to showcase the gaming industry.

Improved Security Features


As for improved security measures, facial recognition has become more involved as the technology has improved to become more reliable and accurate. Honest gamblers are identified easily, as are the dishonest ones. This makes it easier for casinos to find and ban the con-men. This is vital as everyone wants to have a fair game and a chance to go to a casino and have fun, safe in the knowledge that no one is trying to cheat.

All these measures and more were discussed in great detail at the Global Gaming expo, which is held every year in the capital of gaming, Las Vegas. Held for people within the industry, the expo serves as a meeting of minds to discuss and evaluate new methods and innovations. The gaming industry is improving and evolving everyday and is bringing new initiatives to the industry rapidly.

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