Google E-Commerce Analytics Gets Overhaul

google analytics

google analytics

Google Analytics, the vital tool for online marketers everywhere, is currently testing massive changes to their e-commerce feature. The Google E-Commerce update is only in beta stages, but if implemented, will offer more complete insights to marketers that will help them gain a new perspective on what type of people are shopping on their site, what they’re buying, and more.

The New Google E-Commerce Analytics

Google’s new e-commerce analytics features will still include the tools that marketers know and love, but with added data, reports, and more. Some of the new metrics currently being tested in beta include:

  • Product detail views
  • “Add to Cart” actions
  • Internal campaign clicks

According to Marketing Land, you will also be able to build audience segments and analyze user actions like cart and product page abandons.

Will Google E-Commerce Analytics Affect Campaigns?

Hardly. If anything, the new Google E-Commerce Analytics features will boost capabilities for marketers, supplying them with more specific and valuable customer data to tailor campaigns and create better strategies. While the new update does require that marketers install Universal Analytics on their site, this can be done in minutes.

Meet up with your SEO strategist marketing analyst to discuss these new changes. Of course, you’ll have to go at this new feature with a plan—just like any new online marketing tool. The good thing about Google’s marketing platform is that merchants in any line of work can tailor it to their business needs.

Other Useful Marketing Tools for Merchants

Along with Google Analytics, you should be planning your online advertising campaigns through Google AdWords. The keyword research and ad creation features from Google is where your business’s online presence begins. Consumer clicks and other interactions with your ads will show up in Google Analytics, where you get consumer data.

What More Do Merchants Need?

With the new Google Analytics, merchants will be able to better conduct business online. But is that all they need to succeed in the online marketplace? Merchants need an entire arsenal of services at their disposal to drive profits and increase sales online. The first step is to find adequate credit card processors to make your site fully functional. Look for a merchant services provider that offers a full package to help you attract buyers.

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