Top Four Countries with Emerging Markets


As technology and communication becomes greater, it has changed the way that the world does business. It is now easier than ever for other countries, especially those who previously were not as prosperous, to begin emerging as a global powerhouse. In recent years, some have made that leap more than others, changing the dynamic of markets abroad. Here are four countries with emerging markets, and why they could be a good place to take business and investment.

Top Four Countries with Emerging Markets


Thailand is a beautiful place where the cost of living is cheap. Because of that, expatriates have been going in droves to cities like Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket. The more that people go to Thailand, the more opportunity presents itself. Thailand is also increasing the importance of the social economy to it’s citizens, which is often a good sign for countries to continue their emerging presence.


Hungary is widely considered to be the top emerging country to make investments in right now. They are expected to trade more than any other country in the upcoming year, and they offer great returns for investors. Furthermore, their inflation rate is just above 3%. Lastly, the Hungarian government makes it very easy for people to start businesses and invest, which has made doing business quite easy and secure. Overall, Hungary may be one of the top places to consider for foreign investment into an emerging country.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic was highly considered the top place for emerging markets in recent years. Things have changed a bit, but it still remains in one of the top four places to consider. The Czech Republic offers dividends at around 7.4%, which is much higher than the average of 2.7% in other markets. They also have a developing economy, which has benefits for everyone involved. You can learn more about how to take advantage of emerging markets from G-Global Expert.


Chile has an incredibly low government debt percentage in comparison to their GDP. This number sits at around 12%, which is noticeably lower than other countries around the world. Furthermore, they rank 37th in terms of ease of doing business, which is attractive to foreigners who do not want to have to deal with issues of doing business internationally. Chile expects nearly a 25% increase in GDP between now and 2017, which means it could continue to rise as one of the top emerging countries for international investment.

As the rest of the world grows, there are plenty of places to consider for foreign investment. At the top of the list are these four places, which will likely only continue to grow.

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