The Costs of Going to Jail


Going to jail can be a costly endeavor. You ought to know how costly it can be for both you and your family, as they often need to help you get bailed out of jail. The costs of bail alone are enough to cause considerable debt to families, especially if a person jumps bail. Lawyer fees can costs over $10,000 pertaining to the case. Even with an expensive lawyer, there is no guarantee you will not end up paying a large penalty from the court. Here are some things you should know about jail costs.


The commissary costs can be upwards of $50 a month for some families. Using the commissary will allow a person to have access to dental floss, shower shoes, and other things that are necessary to daily life but not found in prison.

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User Fees

Some prisons will charge a user fee if an individual racks up a bill inside prison. Family members are normally responsible for paying these fees if the inmate doesn’t have the money. These fees are separate from the costs of restitution. There are fees charged to individuals simply for going to prison. These fees can vary from $2,000 or more based on the crime you committed, and how long you are in prison.

Court Fees

Based on the severity of the case, an inmate can end up with a monthly payment that is more than half your income. The court fees alone can financially devastate a family with low income, or just a single income. Some inmates find themselves working two or three jobs just to keep up with the payments required by the courts.

Travel Costs

One other thing you might deal with is the price of travelling back and forth from prison to visit a family member. Based on how far away a person lives, you can end up having $2,500 or more in gas and other travel expenses.


Another thing that occurs is how finances are destroyed when a person goes to jail. Even a three year stint in jail can cause serious financial damage. Individuals still have responsibility for bills such as mortgages, car loans, credit cards and other things. By the time an individual gets out of prison, their credit has been seriously hurt. Many individuals end up filing for bankruptcy when they get out of prison to try and restart their life.


The costs of bail are another challenge you need to worry about paying. Working with a bail bondsman is the best option for most families, as bond amounts can vary from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars. Bail bonds in your time of need can be provided by a professional bail bondsman that you can trust to help you with your case.

Health Care

Inmates need to receive routine medical care just like anyone else. It is important to have money set aside to help pay for the medical costs of an inmate in prison. These visits can fetch a person upwards of $45 a visit. These costs can continue to increase if a person has a serious health condition and they need to keep visiting the in-house doctor. The Affordable Care Act is available in some areas, which can help to reduce the costs associated with medical expenses in jail. Overall, the costs of jail are going to be significant, no matter what your financial situation looks like.

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