Six Tricks to Encourage Customers to Complete Surveys



Customer service reviews can be extremely useful when improving customer relationships. Convincing customers to give feedback is a different story. Here are a few ways to help raise your response rate in customer service reviews.


1 Social media

If you use Facebook, Twitter or Google+, you can reach out to your customers on their terms. With a survey invite, you can coax your visitor into answering a few key questions. At the end of the survey, thank them for their time and offer a simple token of appreciation such as a free shipping code or product.


2 Assure confidentiality

When taking a survey, users often fear their information or date will be shared. To quell these fears, talk to your customer and tell them the truth. When you use the data anonymously, you will increase participation rates and improve your overall marketing plan.


3 Let them opt out of emails

Often, a company will send survey emails to clients. While a quick way to boost participation, you need to allow your visitors to opt out of the process. Then, you are left with customers who want to compete surveys as they did not opt out of the process.


4 Assure them it is quick

All-too-often, a business will coax a person into taking a long and drawn-out survey. If you can, keep it around 5 minutes and you will watch as people take your survey in droves.


5 Use Close Ended Questions

Customers are more likely to click yes or no, or a number 1-10 than leave a long drawn out answer. Leave an optional space for them to write their opinion, but allow them to choose a multiple choice answer. They are way more likely to finish.


6 Explain how you will use the information

Explain that you are using them to improve current policies or try and make their experience better. If you are revamping a specific department or section of your company, you can explain what you are doing in detail. Loyal customers will do what they can to help.

If you want to enjoy a high response rate to your surveys, follow these six simple tips. With a wise approach, you will enjoy plenty of excited responses. For more information, read real customer reviews on

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