Reviewing Four Graduate Degrees for Business


On the website for The Center For College Affordability & Productivity, the Director Richard Vedder along with two students published a summary of the seminal articles written in January, 2013: Why are Recent College Graduates Underemployed? The savvy advice given in this article is encouragement to obtain degrees relevant to the skills and knowledge businesses specifically need. Here are four degrees that focus on market need.

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M.S. in Information Security

The IBM Security Services 2014 Cyber Security Intelligence Index, April, 2014 states, “studies show that companies are attacked an average of 16,856 times a year.” We often hear of the hacker with no college education who finds the weak spots in a computer system. Companies know it takes specific training to develop defenses for those software and system weaknesses, and want a continuously improved system to keep the company safe. How valuable do you think a sense of security is for companies whose real value is intellectual property? The amount of salary a company is willing to pay follows the value of the work done by the individuals working in the most valuable areas of the company.

M.S. in Project and Program Management

Much of the project and program management leadership in the market are simply people who have learned how to use a project management system on the job. Many companies are using project or program management more often to drive toward well-defined results. The need for real depth and an infusion of the highest level training is best filled by an individual whose focused formal training with an M.S. in Project Management can bring true expertise to the company.

M.S. in Software Engineering

Put very simply, companies are looking for software applications for every department that help their staff focus on their core jobs rather than associated clerical work. The requirement of these applications is the ability to use the same data base so that one entry anywhere in the system populates all applications throughout the company. Companies want individuals with the skills and knowledge to create seamless proprietary software.

M.S in Strategic Analytics

The level of competition does not give room for much intuitive thinking. Companies’ research and development departments, manufacturing groups and marketing teams are totally dependent on the validation strategic analyses offer.

The title of the degrees now offered clearly reflects the real need in the market today. Your worth is increased measurable by earning a degree that clearly reflect needs most valuable in the current market.

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