Make the Most of Web Video to Maximise Your Business Potential


Web video has become a hugely popular tool for marketing a business, thanks predominantly to the rise of video sharing websites such as You Tube. With so many options to consider when marketing your business, often one of the most overlooked is web video. Despite the ease of access to web video, and the wide spread appeal (most people have access to the internet these days right?), many businesses in the UK are still not taking advantage of web video for their marketing needs. If you consider that the average internet user in the UK watches almost 200 videos per month online, it makes sense to add web video to your marketing plan.


Creative Spark is a leading web video production company based in the UK, which enables its clients to create captivating, original and effective web video advertising campaigns. Video is shared more than any other type of online media, so it makes sense to utilise this for your business marketing needs. If you get it your web video marketing strategy right, it’s the most efficient way to spread your message.

So how can web video help you market your business?

For small-business owners, using video in your marketing can bring faces, voices, personality and heart to your operation, while also demonstrating your authenticity. This makes web video much more personal than just photos and text alone. To top that, video in email is said to be able to boost conversion rates by up to 50 percent.

Many people assume that web video is not an option for their business because they think that creating an engaging video that will attract customers is an expensive process; but this doesn’t have to be the case. Video cameras can be quite inexpensive to pick up, and even an amateur can create some kind of video that could deliver their message. But what about those business owners that have no idea about the kind of video they want to produce? What if you don’t have an idea for a compelling video plot to help you market your business?


Well, if the thought of creating a video fills you with dread, the best option is to hire a Web Video Production Companies, like Creative Spark, to help you get ahead. Creative Spark has been helping businesses establish a web presence through effective and communicative web video for over a decade.

In a hugely competitive market, and with so many businesses exploiting web video as an often inexpensive marketing tool, it is important that your web video stands out. For this reason, when using online video to promote itself, your business should use online video that really does look completely different to anything else, especially anything else being offered by your company’s more direct competitors, and Creative Spark can help you to accomplish this. They can help you to quickly get engaging and, more crucially, relevant video onto your company’s website, ensuring customers and potential customers remember you.

There are different types of web video you can create for your business, each of which serves a different purpose including:

Demonstration videos: These videos are particularly useful if you are launching a new product as they allow you to show your potential buyers exactly how to use your product, and what it can do.

Get to know us videos: If you are a new company and looking to create a loyal customer base, videos that talk about you and your team are a great way to create a more personalised relationship with your potential customers.

So call Creative Spark today to get your web video off the ground.

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