How Commercial Storage Can Make Your Business More Efficient


Whether you own a mom and pop business, a Fortune 500, a nonprofit organization, or are a sole proprietorship of a new venture, business efficiency is absolutely critical to the success of your venture. In fact, efficient business owners who maintain adequate records and files typically experience success while inefficient ones fail.

How Commercial Storage Can Make Your Business More Efficient

Efficient entrepreneurs typically have stronger strategic partnerships, experience better profits and avoid IRS audits and sometimes lawsuits (caused from inefficiency). By being efficient with important documentation and inventory, you can spearhead your business to success and strengthen customer relationships. In essence, you can set the stage for business success.

If this sounds like too much work and effort, we’ve got great news for you. A commercial storage unit will make the job much easier. Not only will it help you stay organized but it can force you to become more efficient without blowing your budget. In this brief article, we’ll discuss how commercial storage facilities can make your business more efficient and more successful, too.

1. Documents and Inventory

Commercial storage can help you protect important documents and inventory. As you know, business owners are faced with a plethora of documents and inventory every single day. Whether you receive hundreds of pieces of snail mail a week, are responsible for keeping human resource or financial data safe, or simply have to keep up with product inventory, a commercial storage unit can help you get organized. Not only do these units offer climate-controlled atmosphere, but they enable you to safely store medical and business records, tax files, inventory and other important material.

2. Legal Compliance

Commercial storage can help you remain legally compliant. Regardless of the type of business you have, you have a moral responsibility to keep your customer’s information safe. Plus, if you’re in the financial, legal or health care industry, you likely have a legal obligation to do so. By utilizing a commercial storage unit, you can safely store office files, business records, tax files and more. Not only will this give you peace of mind, but it will also keep nosy employees or contractors away from sensitive material while keeping client information safe.

3. Convenience

Commercial storage facilities are convenient. Most storage facilities are conveniently located, and have climate controls to prevent papers from being sun damaged or water logged. Plus, they are typically open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you will have full access to your material as needed. Therefore, you can rest assured that the stored documents and material will be there when you need them.

4. Security

Commercial storage facilities have enhanced security. When you store your documents and inventory in a commercial storage facility, it is protected 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This means that personal information like social security numbers, HR documents and other material is protected from harm. Plus, in most facilities, there is an associate present at all times to monitor the storage units and keep documents and inventory safe. And if foul play is ever suspected, the trained associate can call the police for reinforcement at all times. This is especially helpful to a solo entrepreneur as their information is protected even when they sleep. This alone gives the owner a tremendous amount of peace of mind.

5. Safeguards and Protection

Commercial storage facilities offer additional safeguards and protection. When you store legal and financial documents, it is paramount that you keep them protected. By using a commercial storage unit, the owner can ensure that these documents are protected. Some even keep copies of really important documents at their place of business and at the commercial storage facility. In addition, these facilities allow owners to maintain organization to their surplus products and keep adequate records for these items as well.

When choosing a commercial storage facility, you should always take your time and choose the best and most cost-effective facility for your business. However, if you choose wisely you can chose an established local facility that has enhanced security and additional safeguards to protect your stored documents and material. Not only will this give you “peace of mind”, but it will strengthen client relationships, alleviate stress and enable you to remain legally compliant as well.

Information Source: Southbend Storage Solutions

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