Show light to your cause through crowd funding


Crowd funding has become a popular way to make your voice heard and raise funds for your project. A group of volunteers and backers who are interested in a cause sustain it through donations. Social cause, start-ups, political and educational campaigns, medical treatment can all be funded by donors.


For your crowd funding campaign to be successful, it should connect with the audience. People will only support your cause if they identify with it. Many websites allow you to create your campaign for pulling crowds. It is important that you reach out to your target audience through effective strategies.

You can include your story, videos, photographs and other things to prove your authenticity. Friends and family can help to spread the word through social networking websites and increase your contact base. Funding can be done at all levels. You can get the support of your city folks and relatives in funding your graduation too. The residents of a locality can get their money together to improve the infrastructure of the area, such as park facilities, street lighting, drainage, and maintenance activities.

There are several types of Crowd funding such as donation based crowd funding raises money for social causes, schools, old age homes, orphanages etc. The donor is willing to contribute to become a part of social change. They do it for their own happiness and may get a thank you, a special mention or a simple token of appreciation in return. The initiator of a crowd funding campaign can also choose to give a reward in exchange of the money pledged by the people. The reward may be in form of goods or services. Start-ups and other companies which require funds for developing socially innovative projects can also benefit from crowd funding. They can either pay an interest on the money invested or give shares of the company in return. This also helps in the marketing of the product as the people get to know about your idea and its usefulness. When they contribute, they feel that they have become a part of the process. Also, the success of such campaigns helps in analyzing the market sentiment.

The success of your fund raising campaign depends on your creativity and communication skills. First, you need to find a good crowd-funding platform to raise money. These online platforms will help you design your campaigns, offer feedback if the campaign is not up to the mark and allow donors to make easy and secure online payments. You can host events to spread awareness about your cause in your community.

Keep a reasonable target amount because if it’s too unrealistic, you may not achieve it. Make your presence felt through social networking websites.

Scams are not uncommon when it comes to crowd funding and if you are a donor, you should be cautious. If you know a person or organization directly or through friends and family, you can go ahead. Even otherwise, if you feel for a cause, you should not shy away from making donations. However, inquiring about its authenticity is important.

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