BB&T Bank Posts Lower Mortgage Rates than US Bank Today – April 22


By Crystal Kelly

30 and 15 Year Mortgage Rates at US Bankcorp Apr 22US Bank has fallen slightly behind BB&T Bank this Tuesday morning as far as low-cost home purchase mortgages are concerned, though in most cases the differences are admittedly rather negligible. Here’s the latest summary of advertised rates at both:


US Bank’s Home Buying Deals Holding Flat


The benchmark 30 year loan interest rates at US Bankcorp (NYSE:USB) are 4.500% yielding an APR of 4.673% today. 30 year FHA fixed rate mortgage interest rates are available starting at 4.375% yielding an APR of 4.879%. 30 year jumbo loan interest rates are published at 4.625% and APR of 4.777%.

The VA 30 year loan deals start at 4.500% yielding an APR of 4.846%.

The shorter term 15 year FRM interest rates have been listed at 3.500% today and an APR of 3.811%.

The FHA version of the 15 year loans have been quoted at 4.000% and an APR of 4.565%. The Jumbo 15 year loans can be had for 3.750% today with an APR of 4.008%. The VA 15 year mortgage interest rates are on the books at 4.000% yielding an APR of 4.721%. 10 year fixed rate loans are listed at 3.375% and an APR of 3.823% today. 3/1 Adjustable Rate Mortgages are on the books at 2.250% today with an APR of 3.261%. The 5 year ARM deals are published at 2.625% at US Bank and the APR is 3.250% on initial purchase.


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