3 Steps To Expand A New Law Firm


In today’s world, a law firm can take several approaches toward building its lineup of professionals. The following list covers three steps that a legal company should take to expand.


Recruiting College Students
A new legal firm can easily find young talent at law schools. After graduating, students who earn a basic Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree can practice in several areas of the legal system, including criminal defense and business litigation. Some J.D. students combine their degrees with a minor in an area such as business administration. Therefore, a law firm, such as Hausfeld LLP, should approach college students and offer relevant apprentice opportunities at the nearest office location. Juniors and seniors at law schools are the ones most eligible for internships. Law students also get real life experience in the legal system by participating at a college’s mock trials and other clinics. Additionally, many students contribute to legal journal publications that are published nationwide.

Online Professional Networking
The internet makes it easy for emerging law firms to recruit motivated and talented lawyers. Professional networking websites allow businesses and individuals to connect with each other. A legal firm should create a professional profile that precisely defines the company’s areas of specialty, such as criminal defense, real estate, civil law and litigation. It’s a good idea to post brief profiles of all the members of the legal firm to establish an online presence. Recent graduates of law schools often seek employment opportunities at networking sites. A law firm can review an applicant’s online resume and make offers for an in-person interview at a local office.

Developing Local Public Relationships
A law firm can improve its reputation by becoming active in the legal matters of a community. For example, a new legal team that specializes in criminal defense can send some of its lawyers to take on high profile cases in the local community. Police brutality and racial profiling cases are controversial, and they offer local lawyers a chance to seek justice. Such cases create a chance to ease racial and social tensions in a community. Super lawyers such as Michael Hausfeld have built successful careers by being intimately aware of their client’s issue. In fact, a legal firm may offer free representation for victims of criminal charges that seem unfair. Surely, such a law company would be perceived positively in the local media. In a sense, offering free legal services is a form of indirect advertising because members of the community tend to remember good deeds.

When it comes to recruiting, law companies should seek traditional methods as well as contemporary techniques through the internet. It’s also important for an emerging law firm to have a diverse lineup of legal experts.


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