Investing In Multimedia For Training And Promotional Purposes: The Professional Touch That Shows You Mean Business


Small business owners often dismiss the idea of using high quality multimedia services, such as DVD and CD duplication services, as an unnecessary expense. They may even feel that only music composers, aspiring bands and businesses which produce multimedia items to sell use these kinds of services. However, many businesses today use multimedia, either for training their employees or for marketing their products and services to potential clients. There is a wide gulf separating cheap home duplication, CD or DVD, and well-produced, professional looking duplicates. That gulf could mean the difference between your multimedia marketing materials being overlooked by potential customers and giving those customers an impression of your business as an interesting, high quality proposition.


Creating a favourable impression in this way may not seem quite so important when it comes to producing multimedia training materials for use within your business. After all, training disks may only ever be used in house by employees who are likely to care more about the information they contain than how that information is packaged. However, it is important to consider how these CDs and DVDs are likely to be used in the future. At some point you may wish to place your recordings online where they may also be accessible to potential customers. In such cases, they may again serve as the first impression of your company. Moreover, if you ever need to use some part of your multimedia recordings for a radio or television broadcast, the quality of those recordings will need to be excellent in order to measure up to the standards of broadcast media.

Professional DVD and CD duplication is quite different from simply copying the disk at home. However, no two multimedia duplication businesses necessarily offer exactly the same service and it is important to make sure that the company you select can deliver the kind of product you need. A high quality DVD or CD duplication should have a similar look to the DVDs and CDs you might buy in a store. For example, your material should be recorded on a high quality disk which is printed with your logo and the text you require. You should also check that your materials will be packaged properly, whether in a CD jewel case or a DVD case. Similarly any printed inserts or informational books that the company produces on your behalf to accompany your CD or DVD should be printed and finished to a professional standard.

The cost of profession multimedia duplication services may be greater than simply copying a CD or DVD at home, but the business benefits of taking the professional route could greatly outweigh this cost in the long run. The multimedia marketing materials you send out to potential clients could be the first impression those clients have of your business. If the materials look shoddy, the risk is that they may associate your business with poor quality. On the other hand, if they receive professional looking promotional materials, the lasting impression they have of your business is likely to be a far more positive one.

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