What is Prepaid legal and how can it cover you from unexpected financial costs?


As legal costs can be very expensive, prepaid legal can help. When unexpected legal costs arise, prepaid legal can assist members of the public and small businesses. Many areas of law can be covered by prepaid legal, such as Family Matters.

Family Matters

Family Matters can include many areas of law relating to loved ones. During a divorce, assets can be disputed. If a husband and wife have owned a house together, it can be argued who will be the sole resident. Child custody also falls under Family Matters. When many children are involved in divorce proceedings, legal costs can increase considerably but prepaid legal will cover every penny. Family Matters can also include adoption. If a child currently lives in a different State than where their adopted parents are, prepaid legal can cover any costs which accrue when finalizing an adoption.

Estate Issues

A legal professional, such as an attorney, is responsible for reading a Will. When assets in an Estate are being contested, legal professionals can help. Other Estate Issues can be covered by prepaid legal, such as Power of Attorney. Prepaid legal can cover the costs of meeting a legal professional in order to discuss Power of Attorney. As documents have to be completed so that a Power of Attorney is made official, prepaid legal can help in this situation.


If a driver has had their license revoked, prepaid legal does allow access to an attorney for a set amount of time. As the relevant authorities have to be contacted in order to reinstate a license, a legal professional will be able to help because they have experience of resolving such issues. Prepaid legal can also recover any costs that happen due to a vehicle damaging a property. If a car crashes into a house, an attorney can assist with filing a property damage claim. When an injury happens because of a car accident which causes a short or long-term illness, any legal costs which accrue as a result of an attorney representing their clients will be covered.


Bankruptcy is a very stressful situation. As bankruptcy severely affects a person’s financial situation, advice can be given by a legal professional via telephone or in person. Prepaid legal can help when a bankruptcy case is being heard in a court of law. Documents can also be reviewed beforehand so that the facts of a bankruptcy case are fully argued. A legal professional can also give advice regarding if bankruptcy is the best possible option and if an alternative legal status should be considered. As well as representing a debtor, a legal professional can also help a creditor. If a creditor is owed thousands of dollars, an attorney or any other legal professional can fight a bankruptcy case on their behalf. Consumer Protection Insurance is another area of financial law that is covered by prepaid legal. If a letter is sent or a phone call is made regarding a Real Estate, construction or insurance matter, any legal costs can be covered.


Reclaiming any rent that is owed to landlords or advice about foreclosures is the tip of the iceberg because other home legal matters are supported by prepaid legal. The legal costs for mortgage issues and applying for a building permit are also covered.

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