What is a Compensation Calculator and How Can it Help Me?


Lets answer this question one part at a time – firstly what is a compensation calculator?  

A compensation calculator is an Internet-based tool that gives estimates of the amount of compensation victims might be awarded after they have been injured in an accident that was not their fault.



They can never give more than an estimate because there are so many factors that can affect the outcome of your claim. Such things as your loss of income, extra expenses and the impact on your life all have to be accounted for when making a personal injury claim.  These can differ so much from victim to victim that it is impossible for a calculator to include them in its estimate. 

The estimate is for your injuries alone and is based on awards that have been given for similar injuries in the past. 

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How a compensation calculator can help you: 

The first thing most victims want to know when they are considering claiming compensation is how much there are likely to receive.  This is where a compensation calculator comes into play.  Having a rough idea of how much they could be fighting for is often a deciding factor when victims are considering making their claim. 

Some of the calculators offer a quick and easy way to start you claim too.  If you are happy with the amount you have been shown by the calculator, there is sometimes a ‘claim here’ button, which will bring you a call from an expert claims advisor to discuss the finer points of your accident and injuries. 

They will be able to answer any questions you may have about making a claim, and will provide all the information you need to deicide if you want to pursue the compensation you are legally entitled to. 

Do not miss out: 

More then half the victims injured in accidents that were not their fault, fail to make a personal injury claim. There are various reasons given for this, the most common being that they think they cannot afford the litigation costs. 

If only they took the time to look at the website of one of the leading injury claim law firms in the UK, they would see that no money is needed to make a personal injury claim.  You do not pay any money for the claim to be started, and you will not owe a penny if your claim is not won. 

No win no fee means that the lawyers fighting your personal injury claim only receive any fees if they win your compensation. 

Another common reason for not making a claim is that is too much hassle. This need not be the case, as some law firms have made the process very easy and stress free for the victims.  In fact, there are many cases settled over the phone with just a small number of calls, and very few victims have to make a court appearance. 


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