What Are the Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation?


Renovations and new home constructions are seeing a change in the type of insulation that is used. These days, more builders are choosing spray foam insulation instead of standard insulation. If so many professionals are choosing this option, it must be beneficial in some way. Instead of just assuming it is, you should learn some of the benefits, just in case you are given the option of choosing between the types of insulation that are used in your home.

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Standard fiberglass varieties come in rolls that must be handled to install. They have to be unrolled and often require stapling in place. If you have ever handled or come in contact with these types, you know it can get pretty uncomfortable really quick because you get tiny pieces of fiberglass all over. Spray foam varieties are much simpler to install. They adhere to the surface without glue or staples and do not require handling. They also usually do not contain fiberglass particles.

Reduced Energy Costs

Overall, spray foam insulation can reduce your energy costs by as much as 30% to 40% in comparison to standard types. The foam insulations have a higher R value. Homeowners will notice a more comfortable environment in their home because the foam gets into the smallest places that standard varieties miss.

Keeps Out More than Air

Spray foam insulation protects against more drafts and heat or cooling loss. It also prevents moisture, mold, and pests from getting into your home. Standard fiberglass types can actually create ideal environments for these things to take over. The fibers trap moisture and promote mold growth. Rodents can make nests in the materials, and bugs can slip in through the unsealed cracks. With the spray foam varieties, there are not the same types of risks. These things cannot get through the foam.

Sound Reduction

Another benefit of spray foam insulation is the extra noise reduction it can provide. The foam helps keep noises that occur outside from being heard in the house as much. It also helps reduce inside noise levels that spread throughout the house. This is a particularly good benefit if your home is located in an area with a lot of vehicle activity or other loud and obnoxious recurring outside noises.

In comparison to standard varieties, spray foam insulation may be initially more costly to install, but over time the extra expense pays for itself in all the benefits you can experience and money you can save in energy costs. If you are having your home renovated or you are having a new home built, talk to your contractor about the benefits and drawbacks for having the foam instead of standard insulation. He or she may need to have an experienced person come to apply the insulation properly.


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