Waste Management: Humans- A waste generating Species


The planet needs a total facelift and an antioxidant treatment which would maintain the upkeep of all living beings especially humans. The arteries seem like clogged due to the enormous amount of baggage the earth carries. Different processes generate different varieties of pressure on the planet. Here, the context taken is business. Businesses around the world deal with 1.Products and 2.Services.  Businesses have no doubt contributed towards prosperity, but not without a dreadful side effect. What is it? How dangerous is it?

It is not difficult to guess. Waste Of course! Which are generated at such pace? Every business process generates waste in their progression and we need to find a way to curtail this. The most effective option is recycling. This is a waste management process which gives some returns and has been done as a business. Managing our business waste needs another business. !!!

Have you ever wondered how much of waste we humans generate in one year? Do you comprehend how much this translates to in a life time? It is given in the statistics that an average human being generates approximately 4.5 pounds of waste in a single day.  Mindboggling, but we are doing it.

The Process:

Waste management has several aspects to it and the process follows several stages. Recycle is one most important of the 3 R’s namely 1.Reduce, 2.Recycle and 3.Reuse. Recycling waste needs attacking the problem from various angles. The businesses are do the same activity but with a twist which is unique to itself. It starts with segregation of solid waste, then it gets collected by the waste management staff, and finally, that which could be recycled is sent to the warehouse for further processing.

Returns in Waste Management:

Paper can be made into recycled paper; polythene covers can be recycled, plastic to other plastic products. What is does is to reduce the solid waste load on the planet. The oceans have become dumps of solid waste and this is very dangerous to the very survival of the planet. The sources of human food are land and sea. When the source is unhealthy what could it possibly produce?  This could reverse with the help of waste management.

By recycling waste the businesses can earn some money from it. Cardboard, wood, plastic, paper, metal, and garden waste can be recycled but the processes are different for different material. Waste management requires that their operatives are user friendly to their customers, offering proper advice while sorting out waste, and how to dispose the waste. Some businesses make it a point to buy only recycled material as a social responsibility

The Service:

Waste management service is a business which aims at recycling the solid waste and making money in the process. The service provider offers many alternatives to the customers. The offices are given free bins to put in their recyclable waste such as paper, boards, plastic, metal, wood etc, collecting at various points of the city. The collected material is sent in for disposal in an appropriate manner. The objective behind this is to aim at no trash and no landfill.

We can achieve this when everything that gets thrown away gets recycled for further use and the cycle should go on like clockwork. The equilibrium of waste generation and waste management should be achieved and maintained for this to happen.

Wealth from Waste:

The saying is becoming very true in recent times. More wealth can be created especially by those who deal with commercial and trade waste such as construction, infrastructure development and many other sources which can be easily controlled by Recycling and Waste Management.

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