Tips to buy Bitcoins


For a better knowledge about anything you must try that thing practically too. This is also applied in the case of Bit coins, that is for knowing much about the bit coin you should first try to get a bitcion in your wallet.

Although it is very famous that the bitcoin exchange is a very difficult and dangerous task, getting bit coins is much safer and easier. It is even easier as compared to opening an account in a traditional bank. Here are some of the important things you should always remember:



As before getting money you always need a place to keep it safely, in this case you need a wallet. This can be easily done by registering yourself with one of the exchanges that will host wallet for you. As you may need more than one exchange wallet, you should probably start with your own computer.

What is Wallet?

Wallet is software to keep your bitcoins safe. This software can easily run on your computer system, on your laptop and even on your mobile, Apple as an exception. You can also keep your bitcoins safely on the thumb drives.

Things you need to know about having a bitcoin wallet on your computer

Here are some of the original bitcoin wallets or clients in Windows or Mac formats. These are not just wallets but are bitcoin networks. These are capable of receiving, storing and sending your bitcoins. These wallets are downloadable. These are briefly discussed below:

Bitcoin QT

It is the original wallet. It is full – featured, as it can develop many different addresses for receiving bitcoins, it easily sends bitcoins, can also track your transactions and keep a back up of your wallet.


It runs on the top of the Bitcoin QT, thus have the similar feature of syncing requirement. It also back up, encrypt. And it is capable of keeping your bitcoins off line.


It is a type of light weighed wallet that is capable of sync faster, thus it is very good and beneficial for the beginners. You can easily get their site just by searching the multibit wallet.


This is more advanced type of wallet as compared to the Multibit. In addition of providing a faster sync and being light, it also helps you to recover your lost data just by using a pass code.

Get your first Bitcoins

After having a wallet, you need to have bitcoins to store in them. There is a website which gives out small amounts of bitcoin exchange to the people to become familiar to them. You have to copy and paste your new bitcoin address and provide a contact number so as to receive a message. This message will ensure that you are not continuously coming back. The amount sent to you is trivial in nature. The process is very fast and so you can check that your address as well as your wallet is in a working condition.

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