Six Simple Small Business Organization Tips


For a small business to blossom, the owner and employees need to have a strong understanding of operations, systems, product and finances, while keeping more than an impression of order. By implementing the tips below, you can help your business succeed, as well as keep yourself de-stressed.

One:  Organize your workspace. If you do not have a clear place to work, how can you expect to get anything done? This does not mean that your desk has to be spotless. It just means that you need to have all important documents and supplies at your fingertips so that when you need them, you know just where to find them and don’t have to waste time sifting through unnecessary clutter.

Two:  Buy (and use) a planner. Whether you are into keeping your schedule of meetings and deadlines on your phone or on Post-It Notes, make sure you keep track of important due dates so that nothing passes you by. Though, buying a desk planner is easier to use, and easier to find. When you are able to see important project deadlines or meetings on paper, it has a way of becoming more real than if the time or date remains floating around in your head.

Three:  Make a to-do list as often as need be. No job is too small to write down if it is important and needs to be done, so if you feel the need to write out a list of emails that you need to respond to, by all means, go ahead.

Four:  Figure out when you and your employees are most productive. Some people are more productive at different points of the morning or afternoon, so there is no one set part of the workday when productivity is guaranteed. Try setting your team meetings at different times for a few weeks, and gauge at when your employees are most attentive.

Five:  Have an order for everything. When things get hectic, we tend to float around doing what seems most important at the time. However, this can easily delay you with answering emails or processing orders. By keeping a clear order of how things are to be done, your work life will be much easier.

Six:  Set “office hours”. Regardless of the type of business you operate, you should set aside “office only” hours for yourself. By doing this, you can easily catch up on monotonous paperwork, answer emails, and return customer phone calls.

Having a small business can be challenging and full of headaches, but by implementing these organizational tips your business will run smoothly, and you will be less stressed. While some of these tips will take getting used to, in the long run they will help your business.


Blair Thomas is a successful entrepreneur who co-founded, the top electronic cigarette merchant account company voted by  He has managed several successful agent offices and registered ISO’s.  When he isn’t working hard in the payment’s industry you can find him hiking the hills of Los Angeles.

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