Saving Money from Regular Expenses


These days it is very important to save money and everyone knows that it is very important to do so yet they are having difficulty saving money from their earnings. But the good news is that many are pursuing the plans on saving money for their future. You may not know that the little things that are consuming in your daily expenses are the ones that have taken a lot from your money when you compute it for the whole year.


Breaking Down Your Expenses

One of the things that financial experts recommend to their clients is to record all the daily expenses and make sure even the cheapest purchase they do should be recorded. For example if you spend ten dollars for your lunch during your work days, you are spending 50 dollars each week. Sum that to one year and you are spending 2,600 dollars on lunch alone! Although it may seem little at first, when you start computing it for the whole year you will see how much you have spent on something you thought that was little.

From the list you have made, you will be able to see alternative ways to cut your regular expenses by exchanging them for something cheaper such as cutting your cable bill, energy consumption costs, auto and homeowners insurance rates, getting free mobile internet or even cutting your monthly cell phone bill.

Using VOIP

One customer has found something that will enable him to save a lot of dollars annually by cutting their service with landline home phone and changing it with a VOIP from the Ooma Company. He has already been using the Ooma services for over a year already. They have been satisfied with the service they have received and will be continuing to use it. The savings they have for over a year was more than what they have paid with their initial investment with the Ooma Telo device.

Why Switching to Ooma Saves Money

The reasons why many people are switching to Ooma Telo service are:

  • It’s ability in porting the homeowner’s number – homeowners are able to port the existing number to the Ooma Telo service so that they will no longer need to give out to their friends and family about the new phone number they have. Porting their home phone number was very quick and easy to do.
  • Low monthly cost and startup – the cost of the device itself was very affordable and may have become cheaper now. The monthly cost before was only 4.53 US dollars which meant that homeowners never felt that they were paying for some monthly service. After paying the initial investment, homeowners were able to save lots of money annually.
  • Service features – from a voicemail and caller ID service of 44 US dollars a month to only 4.53 with more than just the features of their previous home phone service. The caller ID and voicemail service is still there but they also have online accounts to check for other features such as call blocking, call logs and more.

They also have reliable service that cannot be seen in other home phone service.

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