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Small Business Loans

Arranging for small business loans can be quite a daunting task for you especially from the Canadian banks. Being traditional and conservative in their outlook and their transaction process Canadian banks may not approve of a small business loan for your small scale enterprise. However, the good news is that banks are not the only places you can visit for your small business loan. There are other financial companies ready to fund your small scale enterprise. is a reputable web site which can lend you money for your small business.

WeCanFinancial has the knowledge and experience working with highly skilled and experienced financial and management consultants arranging loans of up to 100% for small and medium scale enterprises across different sectors. Run by the Clifton Blake Group of Companies, WeCanFinancial offers loans for real estate development, IT, transportation and logistics, franchise, manufacturing, professional services and restaurants and bars.

Small Business Loans

Eligible Candidates:

WeCanFinancial has set up certain criteria for loan eligibility and without meeting the criteria any small business enterprise will not be allotted any loan. A medium or small enterprise running for more than 1 year in the market with proven revenue generation will be provided a loan for business development, new employee salaries, operating capital, professional fees, marketing campaign and acquisition of small office equipment.

Chief Prerequisites:

  1. Good credit history of the business owners with a BCN score of 650 and above
  2. Healthy net worth of the business owner, preferably more than the loan amount requested
  3. Confirmed revenue generation by the business verified by statements from banks and financial institutions.

Below mentioned are the categories in which we provide small business loans:

Small Business Loan for Restaurants and Retail– in order to receive small business loan for franchise and non-franchise restaurants it must have a BCN score of 700+, at least 30-50% self funding capacity from the required budget including choice of good location, choice of effective personnel, experience in the industry and carrying costs for the initial 6 months.

Small Business Loan for Manufacturing Sector- small business loan for manufacturing sector can be arranged from various sources for employee hiring, business promotion, short term cash needs, renovations, purchase of equipments and finance.

Small Business Loan for Automotive Sector- small business loan for automotive sector is provided for renovation, heavy equipment purchase, long term and short tem cash flow requirements and also for automotive repair shops, specialized mechanical shops, body and spare part shops and garages.

Small Business Loans for Doctor and Other Professional Services- small business loan can be available for new and existing practicing doctors for expansion, purchase of equipment, paying the supporting staff, renovation on leased premise, long term and short term cash requirements.

Small Business Loan for IT Organizations- small business loan can be arranged by our experts for both new and existing IT companies for purchase of tangible equipment, renovations, short and long term cash flow and operating capital along with other business needs.

Small Business Loans for Transportation and Logistics- small business loan for transportation and logistics company is helpful in the initial stages. The loan can be used for buying new trailers, trucks, operating cash, marketing, expansion and renovation of existing premise or getting a new one.

Our financial experts always analyze the financial condition of the business before extending loans for small businesses which helps our clients to reap the benefits of the small business loan.

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