Preserve your precious footage with a VHS to DVD transfer service


We all have old VHS tapes with footage on that we love to watch, but this is now an ancient format which will deteriorate over time. You can get this footage transferred to DVD, and they can even improve it by adding titles, menus, encoding chapters and more – this will make it a much more enjoyable watch.


Long gone are the days of watching films and home movies on VHS because the format has now more or less become obsolete. It has been replaced by the extremely impressive DVD format, a more robust and high quality format which does not deteriorate over time and is also easier to watch. DVDs can easily be watched on a television, laptop or similar device, and the discs can also be encoded with chapters and titles to offer the viewer a greater level of control. Watching VHS tapes now can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you have to rewind all the way to the beginning in order to watch again, but it is quite likely that you have several VHS tapes at home which contain footage that you still want to be able to enjoy.

These could be old films or possibly footage of family weddings, birthdays and Christmases – from time to time you may blow the dust off the VHS player and set it up to watch with your family. You will now no longer have to do this, and you can also ensure that you will be able to enjoy this footage at the same quality in the future because you can now transfer this film footage onto a DVD. This can easily be done by professionals and it is a completely safe process so you do not have to worry about losing the films.

They can also make some improvements to it to make it a better viewing experience, including sound transfers, unrestricted play, image cropping, editing out any blank sections, creating multiple copies and the addition of titles and movie chapters, making it easier to find sections you specifically want to watch. With the right VHS to DVD transfer service they can even get rid of the infamous flicker that comes with VHS, and this means that it will be a much more enjoyable and easier watch on DVD. Overall it will produce a clearer image, rich colours and sharp detail which will be locked in forever, so you can see why so many people are now bringing their old tapes in for transfer.

Getting multiple copies produced is a great idea as it means that if you were to lose a copy you will not have lost it forever, and it also means that you can give them out as gifts so that other members of your family can enjoy reminiscing over the footage. This is a fantastic service which needs to be taken advantage of by those with VHS tapes before it is too late, the footage you have on that tape will not last forever and you are relying on ancient technology to watch it. This can easily be solved by transferring it onto DVD, and you will then be safe in the knowledge that the copy you have will not deteriorate over time so you will easily be able to watch it for many years to come.

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