Payday Loans Suck – Here’s How to Raise Your Own Cash and Avoid Debt


If you need money fast you may have considered using a payday loan company. The idea of a short term loan may not sound too painful but it’s very easy to find yourself in the payday loan circle. Each month you’re short of cash so each month you are stuck with no other choice but to take out another loan, paying more interest and finding it impossible to get out of debt. Rather than taking a loan why not use one or more of the following ideas and make money from your own belongings or talents instead.


Provide a Valuable Service

Ask your friends if anyone needs help in return for a small fee. You can offer any service you’re good at. You could offer to baby sit their children, walk the dogs, wash the cars, fix a fence, mow the lawn, decorate a room, anything! If your friends don’t need help ask them to ask their friends and work colleagues for you. You’ll be amazed how many people actually need some extra help with odd jobs or who are desperate for a date night with their partner!

Hold a Garage Sale

Yard sales are common place in America but they still haven’t really taken off here in the UK. However, they can be a fantastic way of raising a decent amount of cash and clearing the clutter from your home. Advertise the sale on your social networks, hand out some flyers and consider taking out an ad in your local newspaper. Spend the week sorting through your belongings, pricing up the bits and pieces you want to sell and writing them down in a list. On the day of the sale set up all the items on tables outside your garage or on the garden and stand on the path to encourage people to come and grab a bargain.

Do Some Freelancing

Head online and look for a quick gig on one of the many freelancer websites.  Companies and small businesses are outsourcing all the time and there’s plenty of work out there if you have a good internet connection and some skills. There are all sorts of freelance opportunities in the following areas:

  • Writing
  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • Sales
  • Social media managing
  • Virtual assistants
  • Translation

You can get hired and paid on the same day, just make sure you use a respected website that will protect your earnings.

Have a Clear Out

Do you wear everything in your wardrobe? Do you have bags of clothes that the children have grown out of that haven’t quite made it to the charity shop yet? If you do you can earn money by taking them to a clothes Recycling centre.  You usually get paid per kilo so find as many old pieces of clothing that are just taking up space in your home and use them to earn some quick money. You could also ask your family if they have any spare clothing they’d be willing to give to you. You may also be able to get money for other items in the home at the same centre, so anything that didn’t sell in the garage sale can still be turned into cash.

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