How to make your car more valuable before getting a title loan


Title loans are unlike bank loans because credit history isn’t considered. Instead, a vehicle’s value is the prime asset. When a driver owns a valuable car, they can get more than expected through a title loan. Before getting a quote for a title loan, there are many ways to make a vehicle more valuable, such as replacing its tires.

Change all tires

When tires haven’t been changed in years, they can have insufficient tread. As poor quality tire tread does make a vehicle less safe, it won’t be worth a lot of money. Long before applying for a title loan, have every tire replaced. By getting help from a mechanic, they can confirm if tires should be replaced. Although it can be expensive to replace tires, it will be worth every penny because a higher title loan can be awarded.

Get rid of dents

When dents are on a vehicle’s bodywork, it isn’t worth as much. Even when a vehicle has a small dent, its value is severely affected. Many drivers resort to hitting dents with a hammer but they can become bigger as a result. By taking a vehicle to a garage, all dents are removed with the suitable equipment. As it doesn’t usually take a long time to remove dents, it can be done shortly before getting a title loan quote.

Replace alloy wheels

Alloy wheels are important parts because dirt and debris is prevented from causing damage inside tires. When glass or stones penetrate broken alloy wheels, a driver and their passengers will be at danger because a blowout can happen. Even if alloy wheels have a small crack, they should be replaced. Not only is a vehicle made safer but it will be worth more.

Check the radio

Although a minor detail, a car radio must be working. If a radio cannot be turned on, this can indicate an electrical fault. When a radio is broken, it should be replaced long before getting a title loan quote. A radio might not have to be replaced because it could have loose wiring. Unless a driver has fixed car radios before, they should get help from a mechanic. Consequently, any problems that exist with a radio will be resolved.

Have an engine assessed

Before deciding to get a title loan quote, an engine should be assessed. Many parts in an engine can develop faults such as a fan belt, an alternator or spark plugs. When a vehicle is assessed by an agent who represents a company that issues title loans, they will spend a long time looking at an engine. If there are any faults with an engine, a lower title loan will be issued but this situation can be averted altogether when a mechanic checks it.

Fix windscreen cracks

Windscreen cracks are a major problem. A small crack that is less than an inch in size can get bigger when a vehicle is driven on a bumpy road. If a car is driven hundreds of miles every week, a crack will naturally increase in size. When a crack appears, a windscreen can smash. Even if a crack has only recently appeared, a windscreen can suddenly break into hundreds of pieces. As soon as a windscreen develops a crack, it must be replaced. A cracked windscreen does seriously affect a car’s value. Before choosing to get a title loan quote, have a windscreen replaced. By getting many quotes from different mechanics, the most affordable one can be selected. As a windscreen can be replaced within hours, a driver can soon get their first quote.

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