How Safe is Your Home and Garden?


People often wonder whether they are adequately protected from the threat of burglars. While it is true that many burglars go for easy targets, this doesn’t apply to all of them. This article describes ways in which you can minimise the risks.


If someone wanted to break into your home, would they find it a challenge or would it be relatively easy to do? Many thieves are opportunistic, which means they will look for the easiest targets. After all, why go for a difficult property with an alarm when there is an easier target next door with no alarm? It makes sense to go for properties that will present far less of a problem to break into.

However, while many people focus on their actual property, many do not think too much about their garden. This can be a mistake though, especially when you consider the value of the things you may have in your garden. For instance you may have one or more sheds containing tools, gardening equipment and other items. Some people keep bicycles and other such items in their sheds and use a simple lock and bolt to keep them safe. Unfortunately any criminal with a half decent pair of bolt cutters could snap through these in a matter of seconds.

So it makes sense to consider how easy your garden would be to break into as well as your home. For starters thieves don’t like to be seen breaking into a property for obvious reasons. This means if they can easily access the garden at the rear, they will do so.

Take a look around your perimeter and see how easy it would be to get into the garden. Do you have a side gate? If so does it have a lock on it? Do you have a fenced off garden, and if you do, how easy would it be for someone to scale the fence? There is a legal limit to how high fences can go, but you can put smaller fence panels in and top them off with trellis as this won’t take a person’s weight, unlike a strong fence panel.

There are other options as well though. A good example is a microwave barrier. You may think this has something to do with cooking but in fact the barrier is installed along a fence line as a form of detection. If someone scales the fence and breaks the microwave barrier the system will detect this has occurred. The great thing about this is that a thief will not realise the barrier is there until it is too late. It is no substitute for another form of barrier as well, but it certainly helps if you have a large and expensive property that you want to protect in the best possible way. Incidentally these barriers are good for business properties as well.

The main thing to remember is to consider all the options and to make life as difficult as possible for the criminals who could see a way to break in. By focusing on your garden as well as your home or business premises, you will get the best results at all times. This is the best course of action to provide the best level of security.

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