Getting to Know all about Online News


News is an important source of information through which you can update yourself with the latest happenings in and around the world. Genres like entertainment, latest trends, lifestyle, work, health and so on are also included in it. The conventional print media and electronic media are definitely important sources of news. But now scenario has changed drastically. Of late,  with the introduction of online news, an entirely new form of media has emerged that is affordable, easy to use and extremely convenient. It can be defined as a web newspaper that is published daily, updated on regular basis and read over the internet by a number of people across the world.
Similarities and differences with the traditional print media

There are quite a few similarities between the online medium and print media. These include

  • Firstly, both have to act in accordance with the same rules and regulations pertaining to copyright, privacy and libel.
  • Secondly, both these forms of media consist of a variety of news- politics, entertainment, sports, and travel, national and international and so on. Like most papers, internet news also has different sections solely focused on economics and business.
  • Thirdly, both these media contain special pages such as specialized feature that is points out the subjective view of a particular reporter or journalist.
  • Fourthly, both of them have introduced a special concept known as city journalist where the common people get the opportunity to report news and become a journalist in their own way.

Now let us talk about the differences. While print media provides stale news as people get to know about latest happenings one day later, online news renders the latest ones. News from all over the world whether urban or remote and faraway places are made available to you instantly. You don’t have to wait for the next day to read the news. Many news portal even provide live coverage of important stories, thereby keeping users informed at each and every step. The main highlights here are convenience, speed and instant updates.

Always on the move

Since, it a part of the World Wide Web, this new age media is always on the move. Only the latest and the recent occurrences from in and around the world are presented to you through the virtual medium. There is absolutely no question of providing outdated news here.  However, if you have missed any important news, no need to get dishearten as you can easily find them in browsing internal pages of news websites. Like all major electronic media, the online news also provides breaking news related to any news genre such as; politics, business and even entertainment. In this way, you remain alerted with happenings locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

You don’t have to wait for the newspaper or sit in front of the TV changing varied channels. Simply log on to the website today and get fresh news from each and every corner of the world. You also have the option to choose your area of interest. Different categories of news are available at separate sections.

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