Getting Paid For What You Love: Top 8 Paying Careers


We live in an age where jobs are vital for even teenagers. Most of the time, however, we start out with one or two jobs that put bread on the table, not jobs that we are truly proud of. After all, most people prefer jobs that they can enjoy at a minimum wage than jobs they hate at a decent pay rate. But has it gone to the point we can’t enjoy our jobs by refusing to call them by their other name: careers? While you do have to earn them, a job that you love is never impossible as long as you’re qualified and yearning to take them, such as these eight following jobs on the market right now:

Getting Paid For What You Love- Top 8 Paying Careers

Software Developer

The digital age requires plenty of unique algorithms to manipulate certain tasks for a computer to perform. Therefore, if you understand calculus and would like to see how computers work in terms of mind and body, software developing could be the job for you.


Interpreters and Translator

People who travel to the United States or from it, abroad, can prove to the world how language doesn’t have to be a barrier from communicating with others.



As the population grows, so does the inevitable desire for pets. It takes even more responsibility to keep them healthy, but it is always well worth it knowing that dogs and cats get the same care as everyone else.



Though we try hard to brush our teeth and floss them, it never hurts to make sure they are either aligned right or as white as we want them to be.


Speech-Language Pathologist

Whether you are trying to get rid of a thick accent or have trouble enunciating or with stammering, there are effective methods of learning to get rid of those problems and being able to teach them to others.


Civil Engineer

For those of you who enjoy working with your hands and inventing new possibilities, civil engineering could be for you. This is a highly grossing career choice and is a great way for many to turn a passion into a career. There is also a broad spectrum for earning this degree, the NJIT offers online Civil Engineering Masters programs to accommodate any type of student.



It works to know how far a person can see in terms of optical lenses for both contacts and glasses. Individuals who choose this path as a career have the benefit of working with both patients on a daily basis and indulging in their love for the sciences.


School Counselor

Being a student in any school, from Elementary to College, is difficult. That is why professionals will always be needed to level the stress out between parent and child.


These careers are proof that a good job that pays is always possible with the right prospect. The most important aspect is being aware of what your passion is and how you can turn that into a career. But here are a few high paying options, hopefully you can find a good fit.

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