Fun Ways to Make Extra Money from Your Land


If you have a small homestead there’s nothing stopping you from using it to bring in extra income.


All you need are some ideas, imagination and some time. If you are looking for a few money making tips read on, we‘ve gathered some of the best ideas that could bring in some extra money to help you pay for life’s little luxuries (or your mortgage!).

Start Earning

Start Your Own Bed and Breakfast

If you have an annex or spare rooms in your property you could easily start providing bed and breakfast services. This is easier I you have a decent plot of land, perhaps with a few animals such as horses, sheep and pigs. People want to stay in the country and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and they’re prepared to pay good money for the privilege. If you don’t have time to dedicate to the cleaning and the cooking you could consider opening a youth hostel instead, you won’t be able to charge as much but it will bring in some extra cash.

Turn Your Field into a Campsite during the Summer

If you have an unused field you could transform it into a campsite. To charge more you should add a shower block and toilet units for your campers (you may prefer this to campers using the countryside to do their business). There’s no need to provide electric points but again if you add these features you can charge more per pitch. Additional features could include barbeques, fire pits and perhaps picnic tables.

Wedding Venues

The wedding industry is a good one to get into as there’s huge money making potential waiting to be tapped in to. You could simple provide the land and a marquee or just the land itself and leave the rest of the organisation up to the couples who want to get married or celebrate their reception on your land. You can get as involved as you’d like, taking on more responsibility in the planning and event organisation.

Petting Zoo

If you raise animals on your land you could open it up as a local attraction. You will need to contact the local council to ask about permits and regulations and any licenses you may require. Families love to visit farms and see the animals and it can be a great way to make money from your and providing you have the time and the help available. You’ll need to ensure all equipment and housing is safe and suitable to avoid accidents and injuries and pay close attention to health and safety laws, but the work can be extremely worthwhile.

Bike Track

If you’re happy for your land to be altered a bike circuit or track can be a whole lot of fun. You charge people to come and cycle on your land and you can earn more money through renting bikes and equipment, membership fees and perhaps teaching. You’ll need a decent bike trailer from Arwald and to approach the council for any licenses that may be required. The cost of manipulating the land will be minimal, especially if you already have diggers and equipment on site.

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