Five Tips For Dealing With the Finances Following A Car Accident


Five Tips For Dealing With the Finances Following A Car AccidentNo one really wants to have a car accident, but they happen at least once to most of us over the course a lifetime. A wrecked vehicle can lead to serious financial repercussions, but there are ways to blunt their negative effects. Here are five ways to deal with finances following a car accident.


Do Not Admit Fault

Experts recommend that no one who is involved in a wreck admit fault, even if they think they are the guilty party. Admitting fault can make it more likely that you will have to pay the deductible for any repairs. It is best to allow an investigation determine fault in an accident before shelling out any unnecessary funds.

Cut Back on Other Expenses

Any time that there is an unexpected financial problem, cutting back on expenses for a time can help ease the pain. Is cable TV absolutely necessary? What about eating out for lunch daily? Cutting these seemingly little expenses for a time can help blunt the force of an unexpected vehicle expense.

Do Repair Work at Home

Car repairs can be quite costly. Those who have a bit of skill in fixing things might be able to save a great deal of money on repairs because labor is one of the biggest costs. Getting after-market parts can help save even more money on repairs. These parts are frequently available at salvage yards for deep discounts.

Retain an Attorney

For some car wrecks, it might be advisable to hire an attorney. This would be even more important when personal injuries are involved. There are attorneys like those at who focus on helping those who have been injured in an accident. Not having an attorney might mean the difference between receiving damages and paying for any medical expenses out of one’s own pocket.

Buy a Used Vehicle

When an insurance company declares a vehicle a total loss after an accident, there is a real temptation to purchase a new car by using the proceeds as a down payment. It is possible to save quite a bit of money by buying a lightly used car. New cars depreciate about 20 percent the minute they are driven off a car lot. Why not let someone else take this hit and save thousands in the process?


An accident can lead to major financial difficulties. Many times, these problems are unavoidable. Those who are able to think clearly and follow these tips will be able to avoid some of the common financial pitfalls associated with a wreck.

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