Finding an Online Marketing Strategy


The decision to add a website to your business does not end at the uploading of the files. In fact, the hard work is just beginning. A website is not an automatic open door to a store. A business owner has to work hard to draw customers to the front door of their website. Some owners will run a print ad in a magazine that caters to their target audience. Some owners will take out a display ad in a newspaper, and some owners will hire a family member to use Twitter or Facebook for them. All of these ideas are fine in themselves, but they do not work as a marketing strategy. The competition for online results is fierce.

Marketing Plan

Search engines like Google or Bing have made generic searches an obsolete strategy. With the focus on targeting the user’s experience with relevant ads, these search engines have almost eliminated the random search or accidental exposure businesses used to be able to count on. Even now, the latest update from Facebook says they will be giving the user content that Facebook determines is relevant to the user. This makes it impossible for the business owner to guess what strategy needs to be used to get more exposure.

Online ads, like Google’s pay-per-click and Facebook’s feed ads can rack up a lot of money very quickly if they are not monitored or carefully constructed with the proper keywords. A business owner does not have the time or experience to sit and learn all the nuances of the target marketing industry. By hiring someone to do online marketing services, these types of problems and changes in the industry are the problem of someone else.

A professional who deals with the changing landscape in the search engine world is better equipped to make changes to ads as they are running in order to offset the latest algorithm change. While most changes in the algorithms are subtle and do not affect many businesses, there are enough that are not subtle and need to be addressed. This is where the professional comes in.

It does not take long for a business to see the results from a print ad. They can quickly determine whether or not it was a successful campaign. It is harder to gauge those results with online advertising unless someone is monitoring the click through rate. A professional can help a business profit from their efforts.

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