Difference Between iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C


To understand the differences between an iphone 5s and iphone 5c is a bit tacky and difficult. Of course, you can find the obvious difference between these two which is the color but other than that no one can spot any other hardware differences between these phones as they all lie inside the phone. To understand the exact differences between these two iphone, and to decide which model you have to buy, you must check out these key differences listed below, between Iphone 5S and Iphone 5c.

  • Processor speed: the processor speed of Iphone 5S is faster than iphone 5C. The iphone 5S is powered by an apple A7 processor and the iphone 5C sport a 1GHz Apple A6 processor. As you can see now that Apple A7 processor is new model and is a 64 bit chip, which is the first processor in a smartphones. This is the main reason why the iphone 5S can process twice as much data as the Iphone 5C. A processor is not much of a big factor in the Smartphone world, but you must note that the overall performance will be affected. No doubt in saying that Iphone 5C is a fast phone but not faster than iphone 5S. So, i always like playing at 888 poker on my iphone 5s.
  • Fingerprint Scanner:  one of the key features of Iphone 5S is the touch ID fingerprint scanner which was built in the home button. The scanner will let the user to get an additional security to their iphone as it uses unique, personal fingerprint which means that no one can unlock your iphone other than you. Only Iphone 5S comes with this feature.
  • Motion Co processor: Iphone 5S is the only iphone with a motion co processor and this chip will interact with the physical sensors of the phone which are the Gyroscope, Accelerometer and compass. With this feature, the feedback will be provided to the apps. With this chip, apps related to fitness and exercises can receive much more detailed data and will have the ability to know when the user is sitting and standing. This feature is only limited to the iphone 5S.
  • Camera: when you compare the differences between the specs of Iphone 5S and 5C, you will not find any difference between the camera features. Both the models come with 8 MP camera and 1080p HD recording facilities. But, under the hood, the Iphone 5S camera can really stand out. The Camera of Iphone 5S model offers the user dual flash, to take pics with true colors, burst mode which captures 10 pics in a second, and the ability to record a slow motion video in 720p HD at 120 frames per second. The 5C camera doesn’t offer any of these advanced features.
  • Storage Capacity: the Iphone 5S has the 64 GB option which is enough for storing all the data you ever needed. But the Iphone 5C doesn’t have a 64GB model.
  • Colors: the iphone 5C model sports different colors like yellow, green, white, pink and blue where as the Iphone 5S comes in standard gray, gold and slate colors.

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