5 Ways Other Industries Are Attracting New Customers


Depending on the industry, companies are using all sorts of marketing and growth hacking methods to attract new customers to their businesses and services. Whether it is via traditional advertising methods in newspapers or magazines, inventive video advertising campaigns, or connecting with consumers via social networking platforms, businesses are bringing in new customers by implementing all sorts of creative ideas. Although these five industries are likely different from your business’s wheelhouse, these five tips, tricks, and strategies will help your company better connect with its consumer base.

Online Demonstration Videos

In the cooking and food services industry, companies have begun using online demonstration videos to display the functionality of their new products. Although high-resolution images and a detailed text description have long been the standard of selling cooking knives, the benefit of online demonstration videos is that food service companies can actually take their knives and show them in action.

Loyalty Cards

Gas companies have issued loyalty cards to frequent customers to help them save on expensive fuel fill-ups. These loyalty cards offer incentives to both the gas station and the customer. The customer not only saves several cents per gallon, but is also entered in various drawings for prizes and vacation offers. Of course, the gas station franchise still receives that individual’s business, meaning that profits remain high.

Sending Thank You Notes

Independent book retailers and media outlets have gone to great lengths to provide a more specialized buying experience for their customers. In doing so, many of these small businesses have begun sending thank you notes and birthday cards in the mail to frequent shoppers. This demonstrates that the company appreciates the customer, which encourages the individual to keep shopping at the small book shop.

Dental Marketing

The dental industry, more so than any other health-related field, has forged connections with their customers in a variety of exciting and engaging ways. Besides using social networking, dentists send postcards like the ones at dentalmarketing.net to remind patients about when their appointment is.

Customer Appreciation Night

Like bookstores and small media companies, local restaurants have established special events to celebrate their customers. On these “customer appreciation nights,” customers are given free (or heavily discounted) meals and drinks. Prizes, raffle drawings, and loyalty cards are also distributed during these events. The idea behind these types of celebrations is for businesses to show how much they enjoy serving their most loyal patrons.

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