5 Easy Steps: How Saving Warehouse Space Saves Your Firm Cash


Running an efficient business isn’t easy.

From staffing issues, cash flow problems and teething problems when introducing new products, the discerning business owner evidently has a lot on their plate.

And that’s before they even think about trying to save space in their warehouse.

It’s hard to believe, but more economical use of your existing warehouse space can actually save your firm cash and make it a more agreeable environment in which to work.

Don’t believe me? Read our five easy steps to learn more …


Step One: Install Mezzanine Flooring

Used in warehouses, manufacturing plants, airports and distribution centres, mezzanine flooring allows for optimal use of space. It contributes to cost cutting by freeing up more work area, allowing additional products to be stored and more staff to be hired. Normally, a mezzanine floor is installed between two permanent stories and is made from a combination of steel, fibreglass and aluminium.

Step Two: Invest In Temporary Storage

If your warehouse is teeming with merchandise and you’re running out of space to store it, it’s worthwhile investing in a temporary storage solution until you can shift some of the goods. Although it can be an expensive solution, it may be the only option if your inventory is at its peak. However, the sale of the goods will more than offset the costs incurred by short-term storage.

Step Three: Use a Tunnel Rack

Tunnel racks use the space over the cross aisles in your warehouse, which allows you to create additional storage space by employing back-to-back racks – and this should up your warehouse capacity by a whopping 10 per cent. If going ahead with this method, though, be sure to install netting to catch items that fall over the rack in order to safeguard employees below from injury.

Step Four: Use a Warehouse Management System

If your warehouse is close to bursting point with merchandise, it’s possible that your existing space is not being utilised properly and the inventory is being mismanaged. Consequently, invest in a warehouse management system (WMS) to attain real time information about all of your items, which will allow you to keep on top of your goods and analyse the data captured.

Step Five: Keep On Keeping On

By implementing the four steps above, additional space will be freed up in your warehouse in no time. However, it’s vital to keep on top of your existing space as the same problems can crop up over time. What’s more, it’s important to ensure that other business issues are not left neglected as the fight for space in the warehouse grabs you by the scruff of the neck.

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