3 Tips for Turning Your Passion Into Your Career


Most people wake up every day and head off to a job that they can’t stand. Perhaps they followed in their parents’ footsteps or decided to do what they were told. Or perhaps they just went with a career that was secure and would allow them to earn enough money to raise a family. But going to a job that you hate every single day can certainly be torturous, and it’s definitely no way to live.

For the lucky few who manage to turn their passions into their careers, work is fun rather than a chore. Do you want to turn what you love doing into your job too? Then continue reading for some tips to steer you in the right direction.

Gain Experience Doing What You Love

Gaining valuable experience is a great step in the right direction if you want to take one of your favorite hobbies and turn it into a paying gig. No matter what you are passionate about, practice honing your skills so that you can become valuable in the eyes of potential employers. Whether you need to get an internship, go back to school for a degree in the field, volunteer, or pursue your hobby on the side while you work a regular job, this experience can then be added to your resume for when you are job hunting.

Contact Companies Yourself

Instead of waiting for opportunities to present themselves, why not create them yourself? Look up local companies and non-profit organizations that would need your skills and resources and let them know you are available if they ever need you. Sometimes these companies will hold onto your resume in case an opening occurs in the future. And by taking the initiative, you never have to worry about missing a job ad or not having a chance to get into a great company because they don’t even bother advertising their openings in the first place.

Get Help

If you are finding it difficult at any point to find a job on your own, do not hesitate to ask for help. Let your friends and family and others with whom you have connected on your social networks know that you are in search of a job in a particular field, that you are available for consulting work or freelance gigs, or that you’re looking for an opportunity to use your skills in any way possible, even if the work is unpaid for the time being. You never know who these individuals may know within their own social circles, and they may be able to lead you to a great opportunity.

Don’t forget about the benefit of hiring a recruitment agency that can hook you up with positions you’re interested in. There are staffing agencies for a variety of fields, from business and accounting to creative careers and non-profit jobs. Look for local agencies, such as a staffing agency in Kansas City, to ensure you find local jobs that are easy to get to and won’t require relocation.


Shashank Singh is a freelance writer and editor who enjoys writing about educational and career opportunities so that people can find what they love to do and actually turn that passion into a lifelong, fulfilling job.

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