3 Easy Ways To Make Customer Service Reps Love You


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All customer service representatives know that online customers often fall into two categories: They’re either awesome, or completely insane. Unfortunately, the scale tips a little more toward the latter, but there are still some great customers out there who are a pleasure to work with.

Of course we all want to be that customer: the one who is nice, friendly, and flexible. Trust me, companies will appreciate you, and chances are, they’ll work even harder to better themselves in order to acquire more customers just like you. So, in order to garner a good reputation of your own, all you need to do is follow these three tips, and customer service representatives will absolutely love you (and give you the best service ever).

1. Try To Find A Solution On Your Own

When the insane customers have a problem, their first thought is to call up customer service and scream at the innocent employee on the other line. This is a perfect example of what not to do, because chances are, they could have easily found a solution on their own. A majority of these issues revolve around customers who want to cancel an online membership, and most large companies make this step super simple.

Instant Checkmate, for example, has a massive amount of monthly subscribers, so to avoid a flood of calls to their member care center, they provide users with an entire web page dedicated to cancellations. So, before you dial that customer care number, take a few minutes to browse around the site to see if you can solve your own problem. This will also free up the phone lines at the customer service center so that their time can be better spent helping individuals who truly need assistance.

2. Actually Read The Terms Of Service

We all know that “I agree to the terms of service” is the most common lie told on Internet, and perhaps in life. People are confronted with a “Terms and Conditions” modal, and they just scroll to bottom and click through to the next page. Sadly, this is where most customers screw themselves over because they don’t actually read anything.

Then, when a problem or an issue arises with payments, membership access, etc., they panic and get angry over something that they swear they were not aware of. They end up thinking the company is trying to swindle them, when in reality, the company is doing exactly what they said they would do. So, if you want to be a better customer, read the dang terms!

3. Sympathize With Customer Service Representatives

If you want to be the person that a customer service representative has nightmares about, all you have to do is call them up and act like a total a**hole. Hey, maybe you could even make someone cry. Now that doesn’t sound so great, does it? Unfortunately, lots of customers fail to recognize the fact that customer service professionals are just that—professionals. They are hard-working individuals who dedicate their lives to helping people regardless of how rude or crazy they are.

When you interact with customer service representatives, remember that they are there to help you, and you don’t want to cross someone who could potentially save you time and money. An expletive-laden conversation with a complete stranger will get you nowhere. Even if you have a real problem, approach it in a calm manner so that you can work together to find a viable solution. If you’re nice and friendly, chances are, you’ll get the best service you’ve ever had!

Do YOU have any additional tips and tricks for becoming a better customer? Let us know in the comments!

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