20 Tips to Earn Money with a Website


86803046Here are 20 tips to earn money with your own website:

  1. PPC (pay per click) advertising networks: PPC network serves adverts that are relevant to your website and you earn a specified amount of money per click.
  2. CPM (cost per mille) advert networks: you are paid depending on the number of impressions such as page views that are generated by the adverts displayed on your website.
  3. Affiliate marketing: This popular practice involves a merchant who is usually willing to allow people (affiliates) sell his /her products and services directly or indirectly in exchange for a commission.
  4. Premium content and services: some blogs and websites offer some of their content or service free. However, in order to access exclusive content and services the customer has to pay a specified fee.
  5. Offering private forum platforms: you can create a private forum where members have to pay a one time or recurring registration fee.
  6. Online marketplace: you could start at no charge and later introduce a small commission for every product sold or small fee for every new product listed.
  7. Paid polls and surveys: Many services pay website owners to run surveys and polls on their websites. A good example is Vizu answers.
  8. Donations: if your website offers a platform for readers to learn, you can add a donate link. Personal productivity blogs perform better with donations.
  9. In text advertising: in text advertising networks place links in your text. If a user clicks on these links, you are paid by the in text advertising network.
  10. Audio adverts: its concept involves playing a small audio advert each time a visitor enters your website and you are paid by the ad network.
  11. Selling Ebooks: use your website to promote related ebooks and you will generate good revenue.
  12. Creating a newsletter or email list: newsletters and email listings offer great conversion rates. They are used as a means of calling potential customers to action.
  13. Mentoring programs: people are willing to go the extra mile and pay for a mentor or someone to impact knowledge to them.
  14. Sell your products on your website: if you have your own tangible products and you do not know where to start selling, your website would be a great start.
  15. RSS feed ads: you can generate cash through displaying adverts in your RSS feed.
  16. Job boards: you are paid by companies to publicize their job listings related to your niche on your website.
  17. Selling ad space: you can sell ad space to networks like OIO publishers after establishing regular visitors.
  18. Create a review website: many online companies and advertisers are ready to pay bloggers to write reviews about their own websites or blogs.
  19. Create your affiliate program: this works for people who sell their custom-made goods online. Affiliates promote and sell your products at a small commission.
  20. Membership website: a website that users pay to become members and access the services and products in the website.

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