Why Most Business Owners Offer Temporary Service Jobs?


The current state of economy has made various companies to opt for a money saving measure not only to cut down the day to day cost, but to generate more income. Temp service jobs or known as temporary staffing is the current trend today, which was actually started in 1946 by Russell Kelly.

Temp service jobs include hiring of staff within a specified period of time. They are also referred as seasonal or contractual employees and most of the temp service jobs are provided by employment agencies contracted by companies to handle the workload. Due to the nature of the work, the staffs are not given full time contracts so they don’t have the benefits enjoyed by full time employees.

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The benefits of temporary service jobs 

The state of the economy is very unpredictable and so company owners think of better way to manage their resources and one of this is through temp service jobs. This action is actually more cost efficient because temporary staffs are not eligible for benefits enjoyed by regular employees such as retirement benefits, health card, and so on. The selection of employees who will fit the temp service job will be solely done by the agency, which of course means that the company no longer needs extra personnel to screen the applications.

Greater business flexibility can also be achieved through temporary service jobs. The company will be able to easily adjust to its growing needs based on the company’s world load. During regular work flow, the company will be able to delegate the entire tasks to regular employees, but if there’s more work that needs to be done in just a short period of time, then the company will be able to hire temporary staffs to help them get the job done within the specified deadline. Through the process of temporary staffing, the employer will be able to evaluate the work performance of the staff without committing themselves. But there are also instances wherein the company absorbs the temporary staff, especially if the staff has exceptional work performance.

The ongoing trend of temporary service jobs 

Today, more and more companies take advantage of temporary service jobs and the primary reason for such trend is the long term cost efficiency. Due to highly unpredictable economy, more and more business owners are thinking of better ways to limit the expenses, increase profit, and be able to survive.

Just like any other business trends, there are also disadvantages associated with temporary staffing, but these disadvantages are outweighed by the advantages brought by temporary service jobs. Centuries back, only a few companies are using this method, but as more and more business owners become practical, they now think of cost efficient business solution and temporary staffing is indeed one of them.

Author Bio 

Sandra Park is a recruitment staff in S&R Agency, a company that offers temp service jobs for various industries in the United States of America. She has been working in S&R Agency for 10 years now and she is happy and fulfilled in her job.

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