What to Do When the IRS Puts You under Criminal Investigation


The Internal Revenue Service can be quite intimidated when it comes to the criminal process. If you have recently been placed under criminal investigation by the IRS, it is essential for you to be well informed of exactly how the process works. Whether they start out by serving you with a warrant or an IRS summons for your records, these are actionable steps that must be addressed head on immediately. You could potentially be facing be charged with a crime or even harsh and devastating fraud penalties. For these reasons, be educated on how the process is used and what you should do while under criminal investigation.


In an average Internal Revenue Service criminal investigation, an individual will likely see many of their friends, family members and business associates being summoned or subpoenaed. These investigations can potentially destroy careers without ever having reached the indictment stages in the court process. This makes the course of action that you take crucial when under criminal investigation.

Do not say anything without an attorney.

Remember that anything you may say can be used against you. Essentially, most criminal tax attorneys will inform you that simply avoiding taxes is not actually a crime. The criminal investigations that are conducted by the Internal Revenue Service are focused on those who have done a particular federal crime such as tax evasion, false tax return or even tax fraud.

Find a lawyer that specializes in IRS criminal investigations.

Only a criminal tax attorney that truly specializes in IRS criminal investigations and has a great deal of background or experience with the specifics of the laws surrounding it will be effective in this case. There are many varying types of criminal defense and defense lawyers who know precisely how to deal with those facing federal charges. You should seek out someone who has assisted people that are in your situation. You will require the legal services of a tax attorney who is honest as well.

Learn the criminal investigation process of the IRS.

Educate yourself on the facts regarding a criminal investigation with the Internal Revenue Service. By learning about IRS agents, their backgrounds and the rules along with prior cases, you can gain a better mentality and grip on the situation. These facts and those of past cases can prove critical to your particular case.

Do not be bothered by delays in the investigation.

Do not let yourself give into the fear that an investigation by the IRS can bring. Some individuals find themselves feeling overwhelmed with concern about the lengthy process that can sometimes take place during a criminal investigation with the Internal Revenue Service. Just be sure to remember that the longer that the criminal investigation seems to drag on, the less likely it is that you will be found guilty or be facing the full indictment process that follows. Those who are likely to be proven guilty are often found to be so quite quickly. Therefore, take solace in the facts that you are likely to be deemed innocent.

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