What Sort Of Insurance Cover Should I Get For A Trip To Thailand


It doesn’t matter how fit or healthy you think you are, it is essential that you purchase suitable  travel insurance before embarking for Thailand. This part of the world isn’t more dangerous, in regards to violent crime or disease – however, it does experience extreme weather conditions, earthquakes, mudslides and floods. Travel insurance is a must, when it comes to Thailand.

Whilst individual circumstances are bound to vary, it is fair to say that travel insurance is quite a straightforward business – even for long haul and exotic travel. You don’t need anything too specific for a trip to Thailand, because it is a fairly safe country. As aforementioned, weather can be an issue in this part of the world. Otherwise, it is no more dangerous than any other exotic location.


When applying for travel insurance, you must declare any existing conditions. A lot of insurers do now check medical records for accuracy, and they are likely to refuse you if they find out that you have fibbed about something. Even if they don’t, there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive medical treatment for a condition that you haven’t declared. To put it simply, it’s not worth the risk.

The health care system in Thailand is actually rather good. However, standards vary wildly between private and state care. You are guaranteed nothing but a basic standard of care, if you don’t buy a suitable health insurance policy. This care will be cheap, but it won’t be anything like the care that you are used to, say the experts at Travel Fish. When it comes to private care – well, you’d better hope that you can afford to pay for some.

To reiterate, travelling to Thailand without travel insurance just isn’t worth the risk. Industry experts agree that whilst you can probably get away with just an EHIC in Europe, Asia is too far away for it. It is a country that requires you to pay for the full cost of any medical treatment that you receive – it is not subsidised in any way. If you want to travel and have peace of mind, you must arrange a suitable travel insurance policy, say the experts at Direct Asia Thailand.

It’s also important to be honest about your intended activities, says LonelyPlanet.com. If you are planning to get involved in skydiving, biking, rock climbing or any other dangerous activity – you must inform your insurer. Yes, there’s a good chance that this will push your premium higher. Is there any other genuinely viable option, though? What happens if you do get involved in one of these activities, and you suffer an accident?

You mustn’t think of travel insurance as being something that is optional – if you want to stay safe, it really isn’t. Accidents are going to happen whether or not you are covered for them, so choose to be prepared. It is always tragic when a story about an uninsured traveller makes the news, but there is nobody else to blame. According to RenegadeTravels.com, if you’re over eighteen years old and you are travelling alone, it is your responsibility.

When it comes to backpackers, there’s another issue that needs to be considered. What if you don’t know how long you are going to be travelling for? Well fortunately, there’s a straightforward way to deal with this issue too. All that you’ve got to do is make a good decision about how long you might be travelling for – if your insurance runs out and you’re not ready to return home, you can renew it with the same insurer.

Author Bio: James Patrick is an insurance expert and advisor. For a reliable and affordable travel insurance quote, he recommends ยินดีต้อนรับสู่ Directasia Thailand. He can usually be found giving clients advice on how to get the best cover, for their money.

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