What is risk audit training?


The increase in financial instability over the past few years has rendered more and more businesses and interested in hiring the services of a risk auditor. Risk auditors, sometimes referred to as “internal auditors” or simply “auditors”, play a vital role in the governance and operational side of a business.

risk traning

What is a risk audit?

A risk audit, also known as an internal audit, is an independent assessment of business operations. The purpose is to provide the business owner with an evaluation of the businesses governance, risk management and general operations with a view to improvement. A professionally trained business consultant completes the risk audit objectively.

What will I have to assess in a business?

Audits can be very broad, ranging from the business’s compliance with domestic and international laws to the intricacies of senior management. Most risk audits will assess aspects of the business including: governance, risk management, reliability of reporting, and safeguarding of assets. Some specific audits can also be required for fraud purposes, and in fraud audits any potentially fraudulent acts would be identified, along with the identification of control breakdowns and risks of financial loss.

What sort of training can I do?

Training ranges from core competency courses such as Audit of Strategy and IIA Code in internal auditing to Corporate Lending and Credit Trading in the banking sector. Specialist courses are available for the more experienced auditor, as well as the auditing novice.

Where can I get more information about training?

If you think that risk audit training might be for you, contact RiskAudit Professional Development. Their friendly staff will be able to advise you as to the best course for you whether you need to fit training in around your existing job or want to start a whole new career in auditing. Get in touch online via their contact form, or you can call one of their managing directors, SandroBoeri (020 7665 5481) or Chris Hollands (020 7665 5479), for further questions and advice.

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