Top 6 Lucrative Places in Turkey Where You Can Invest Your Money in Property


Several reports revealed that Turkey is one of the hottest favorite destinations on planet for investment. Due to immense growth in economy, Turkey has witnessed low mortgage interest rates, low property prices, high liquidity and employment opportunities. Being world’s one of the biggest nations, Turkey is most sought-after country to live in because it has huge potential and growth rate. Here are some best places for real estate investment in Turkey. check out apartments for sale in istanbul

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Best Places in Turkey –For Lowest Property Prices


Istanbul is considered as most anticipated city when it comes to invest in property. Being the major growth centre of the nation, Istanbul is enjoying highest population growth rate and increased employment opportunities. This is why more and more people are moving towards this city for the search of higher paid employment. Hence, townhouses and apartments are demanded higher in Istanbul.

Global Property Guide reports that Istanbul is one widely preferred destination for real estate investment across Europe. Demand of rental properties is outweighing the availability so far. The prosperity in Turkey is growing immensely. Due to the growth of local population, demand for mortgage is also growing in Istanbul.

Global Property Guide also reports that property prices in Istanbul are far cheaper than other cities in Turkey. In Istanbul, a property in a prime location costs €2386 per sq. meter. On the other side, price of same property is around €6622 per sq. meter and €4015 per sq. meter in Athens and Prague respectively.


The major strengths of tourism in Turkey – sea, sun and sand – are also most prominent economic drivers.This is why, more and more holiday home investors are choosing Fethiye to live rest of their life. From the perspective of real estate investment, Fethiye hosts some of the best international airports in Turkey. Within just 20 minutes distance, Dalamanand OluDeniz are located. OluDeniz is conserved by the government.


Having one of the best served international airports in Turkey, Antalya is incredibly popular city with having highest number of foreign investors. One of the major selling points in Antalya is incredibly lower property prices. The prices of 2 Bedroom apartments are starting from just £30k in Antalya. On the flipside, prices of same apartment are starting from £59k in Fethiye.

Best Places in Turkey – For Amazing Lifestyle


The #1 reason why more and more foreign buyers are interested in buying their second home here is that it is one of the most spectacular beach spot of the nation. For frequent tourists, Alanya houses holiday homes of its own.


This beach city features yacht ports, popular restaurants, amazing things to do in beaches and some picturesque beaches. This is why Kemer is well loved place for living in. Whether you are interested to mingle in the crowd or just take suntan on the beaches, Kemer is best bet for you. Everyone who wants some break from their hotchpotch lifestyle, Kemer is the peaceful gateway for them.


This is one hottest favorite destination for those who love shopping as it boasts some amazing shopping spots like no other. It receives climate that everyone loves. Hence, it is yet next major promising destination for buying property.

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