Top 3 Business Mantras You Can Put Into Practice


Business is a complex beast and employees often struggle to grasp the “big picture” when it affects them so little on a daily basis, that it’s hardly worth acknowledging at all. A popular method of encouraging and motivating workforces is by giving them corporate mantras to live by. These are supposed to be inspirational, memorable and relevant. But these are still abstract concepts to the majority of people focused on their ‘nine to five’ duties…so how can you make them more accessible? You bring them to life with events and activities and if you can’t think of your own or you don’t have the luxury of time, you can approach an external event management company.

Head In The Game

What It Means:

  • Well known in changing rooms, offices and just about anywhere there’s a group of encouraging or impatient friends, this statement calls for people to focus on the task at hand; no distraction, no negotiation. Time is precious in the business world and there is no time for dilly-dallying.

Bring It To Life:

  • Games. They shouldn’t be left on the shelf when we cross the line into adulthood and responsibility, they should be utilised to their full potential as a way to reinforce messages in a fun and engaging way. Corporate retreats don’t need to be stuffy and sleep-inducing; they can be entertaining and enthusing, full of morale boosting activities and games.

From Me To We

What It Means:

  • Teamwork. Plain and simple, this simple phrase promotes collaboration because there’s strength in numbers. When you work with others you widen your skillset, increase your expertise and have more chance of success. When you work alone and you get stuck in an inevitable rut, there will be no one to pull you out – people should never slight collaboration because of their desire for recognition. We really is stronger than me.

Bring It To Life:

  • Encourage morale and teamwork through company team building events and communication to help improve the operation of the overall business and the efficiency of the individuals within it. There are plenty of different corporate events available and the variety means there’s something to suit everyone; any age, any style, any discipline.

Keep Your Eye On The Ball

What It Means:

  • Keeping your eye on the ball (or the prize depending on your personal preference) means not losing sight of the objective, be it a step in the right direction or the ultimate end goal. Distractions happen. Life gets in the way. But when all is said and done, you will only get where you’re going if you stay driven and focused enough not to lose your way.

Bring It To Life:

  • Ball games. A pleasure to enthusiasts of popular competitive sports, a pain to those with the coordination and sporting inclination of a drunken slug – but always a laugh when attempted in a good-natured group. They’re also a fantastic visualisation of the concept; if you don’t keep your eye on the ball, it’s likely to hit you bang on the nose. At force. In front of all your colleagues. Ball games are great for inspiring drive and teamwork, particularly as many other business mantras come from the world of competitive sport.


Depending on your corporate mantra, your business message and your colleagues certain activities may be more suitable than others for bringing your chosen mantras to life…but with so many fun and useful options available, why not give everything a go?

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