The Ultimate Guide To Your Future: The 5 Industries That Are On the Rise


The Ultimate Guide To Your Future The 5 Industries That Are On the RiseThe future of the job market is all about innovative technology. The following several industries give some insight into some of the major industries that are expected to be on the rise well into the future.

Alternative Energy

As fossil fuels are becoming depleted, there is a need for alternative energy. Engineers and researches are in great need to help develop the future of new energy sources such as hydro, geothermal, solar and wind. These forms of green energy will be able to produce affordable electricity all over the world. Exploring new forms of energy is a perfect example of an industry that the government and private sector will be involved in.

Mobile App Development

There is a tremendous future market for developing mobile apps for smart phones and tablet devices. Mobile app developers are in need to create “mini” programs that essentially mimic the advanced software found on desktop and laptop computers. Every company or organization will need to develop mobile apps to reach out to the booming mobile phone and tablet market.

Computer Engineering

Traditional desktop and laptop computers aren’t going to disappear despite the mobile age. There is a need for computer engineers to maintain the entire infrastructure of computer networks in offices and other buildings. Any downtime in a computer network is something that businesses and organizations cannot afford in today’s digital age. Computer engineers find secure employment in the IT departments of any businesses or organization.


The age of the baby boomers has given tremendous rise to the healthcare industry. The life expectancy of U.S. citizens is increasing and there is an urgent need to care for the aging population. Certified nursing assistants and registered nurses have great job prospects in long term care facilities, hospitals, nursing homes and other medical offices. Of course if you are looking for a job with a future there is also an increased demand for assistant jobs in the medical field for helping physicians and specialty doctors.


It seems that with each day there is progress made towards groundbreaking medical discoveries. Stem cell research and cloning is only the tip of the iceberg of modern biological engineering. Biotechnology experts have great job prospects in research and development of new medication and other procedures that can treat chronic diseases and even cancer. Biotechnology specialists often find employment in the pharmaceutical industry and in research universities worldwide.

Promising career opportunities await motivated workers in the energy, computer science, healthcare and biotechnology fields. The future job market is all about innovative technology.

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