The Many And Varied Reasons Why Businesses Are Using Liquefied Petroleum Gas As A Means Of Powering Their Forklift Trucks



Without the use of these vehicles, many firms’ operations would quickly grind to a halt. It is therefore vital that bosses think carefully about the type of vehicles they acquire.

By making savvy decisions concerning their forklift fleets, managers can save themselves money and hassle, and can potentially boost their businesses’ prospects.

Saving money

Trucks powered by liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) are becoming increasingly popular in the UK and elsewhere around the world, and it is not hard to see why. This fuel source offers a host of benefits. For example, it is more cost effective than both diesel and electricity.

Given the tough economic conditions still affecting companies in the wake of the global banking crisis, many bosses are looking to rein in their spending wherever possible. LPG can be an inexpensive power source, making it highly appealing.

As well as operating efficiently, these trucks can also last a long time. Because the fuel burns cleanly, the lifespan of engines that runs on it tends to be longer.

A green option

Meanwhile, green issues have risen up the business agenda over recent years. Consumers are increasingly aware of the dangers posed by global warming and they often vote with their cash when it comes to environmental issues. Firms that can demonstrate they have a responsible approach towards emissions often find it easier to attract custom.

By selecting LPG forklifts, managers can show that they are taking this issue seriously. After all, these trucks produce fewer harmful substances than diesel and they have a smaller carbon footprint than electricity.


Of course, there is no point in managers spending all-important money on vehicles if they don’t work properly, regardless of how inexpensive and eco-friendly they are. The good news is, LPG trucks are highly practical. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, meaning they are convenient and efficient.

The vehicles are also capable of operating around the clock with no loss of power, unlike electric versions that can take a long time to recharge. In addition, they are able to function easily on steep gradients and uneven surfaces. Pleasant to work with Another benefit associated with LPG forklifts is the fact that they are pleasant to work with. They produce fewer PM10 particles, which are associated with respiratory problems. Indeed, if they are fitted with a three-way catalyst, they are lead and soot free.

Furthermore, the trucks are quiet, which is good news for anyone who functions in close proximity to them.

Easier than ever

The good news for companies that are keen to take advantage of LPG forklifts is, it has never been easier to access the relevant supplies. By heading online, bosses can take advantage of impressive deals, and the process of ordering has never been quicker or simpler.

Given all of the advantages of LPG forklifts, it is no surprise than many companies are making use of them. Firms stand to reap significant practical, environmental and financial rewards.

About the Author – Anna Longdin is a freelance blogger who has written widely on the subject of vehicle fuels for a variety of websites, including Calor.

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