The Cultural Positivity of ‘Glee’


We all know how hard high school is. With the way things have changed, high school has gotten even harder for students. Bullying and violence are running rampant in high schools and the students of today need a positive outlook to get them through the rough times. The television show, ‘Glee’, is just one of those positive influences and has taken over the world of America’s culture.

Many high school students often find themselves battling over what clubs to join, what clique to hang out with or how to stylize their wardrobe, while there are others who fret about getting up every day and going to school because they are picked on. Being a teenager is quite. Puberty hits teens at all different ages and there is some growing and changing that is done that can confuse them. Watching shows like Glee online or on TV can teach life lessons about all of these problems. It even teaches others about the difficulties of being out on your own and following your dreams.

Just like any television show about high school, you will find the typical portrayals of the usual high school students: the nerd, the cheerleader, the jock, the mentally/physically handicapped student, the bully, the homosexual, the African-American girl, the Asian students, and the lower income student. All of these roles have a positive influence on students who are part of the millions who watch the show. Part of its phenomenon is that everyone can relate to it. Even parents can watch the show and look back and remember their high school years. There is so much positivity in the show that it has taken the world by storm.

The overwhelming popularity of the show can be blamed on many things. The show is open about acceptance. The message of accepting people for who they are and not what they look like is a constant message on the show. Because the show celebrates each and every type of diversity, it is sending out an incredibly positive message to the youth of today. The characters on the show vary in so many different ways from race to religious background, they are all different in so many ways. ‘Glee’ tackles the ideas that a lot of people have about learning to accept others for their ideas and differences.

One of the greatest lessons that you might find hiding on ‘Glee’ is a lesson in musical history. For those who are not big fans of music, but love this show, you will find that there are so many lessons about the classic and current artists. Every show features an open dialogue between the students and their teacher about the focus of the lesson. For the younger children in your life, they can learn about the greatness of artists like Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and Elton John while you, as parents, can learn more about the pop and rock music of today. This can give you a better idea of what your teens are listening to.

It is known to be the show able to apply a positive spin on a lot of potentially depressing issues. For instance, a teenager telling his parents and friends that he is gay or losing a friend tragically. The ways the characters are taught to cope are techniques that teens, who are watching the show, can use in their own lives. The show creates positive ways to get through these issues and shows teens that events like this are tough and will change their lives forever, but there are ways to cope and with the help of music and your friends, it is possible to get through it all.

‘Glee’ is one of the most positive television shows on currently (also available on the internet so you can watch Glee online). The role models are realistic and every episode teaches a lot. Music is the biggest part of it and the happiness that music can bring in itself is a valuable lesson.


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