Self-Marketing: 4 Bright Ideas for Getting Funding for Your Research Project


It’s not easy to ask for money and get people interested in your cause, but if you get a little creative people will be more willing to help you out. If you have a research project that could use a boost in funding, read ahead for some creative ideas for marketing your project.

Marketing a brand, product or even yourself requires the ability to focus and hone in on specific individuals you want to reach. When you are looking to get funding for a research project you have in mind, there are a few self-marketing tips and tricks that can help you speed up the process to reach your financial goals. Getting funding for a research project is possible with enough dedication and an understanding of your own objectives and goals involving the project itself.

Present Yourself Properly

Presenting yourself properly is essential when you want to appeal to individuals who are interested in funding your planned research project. Knowing how to present yourself properly requires the ability to determine which demographic you want to reach as well as the message you are trying to send. Launching an online website and social media campaign for your research project also helps to prove you are relevant and interested in moving forward in the future with your research.

Find Potential Funding Opportunities

Seeking potential funding opportunities can be done locally, online and even by reaching out to those you have networked with in the past, including business partners and associates. Searching for potential funding opportunities can be done by locating investment firms as well as bank or loan offices that work with entrepreneurs and those invested in research. You can also find potential funding opportunities for your research project by utilizing the internet. Looking online for professionals who want to invest in research projects is a way to compare all of the options you have from around the world.

Self Marketing - 4 Bright Ideas for Getting Funding for Your Research ProjectUse Promotional Products

Building awareness of your cause, brand or the purpose of your planned research project is possible by giving away promotional products that are imprinted with your project name, logo, tagline and/or contact details such as your URL. . Giving promotional products away to potential investors or those interested in funding you is a great way to make yourself more memorable before pitching to any individual. You can use promotional products like these during giveaways and contests or even when you are at an industry-specific tradeshow or conference.

Some websites like allow you to upload your own company logo and print it on almost any surface you can think of. When someone in the community sees your project or cause on a customized hat or custom t-shirt, they are going to be interested to learn more. Then when you approach community members about donating, they might be more willing since they recognize your name or logo. You can give customized mugs, logo pens, reusable custom tote bags and even stationery away that represents the research project you want to pursue.

Attend Relevant Community Meetings and Join Organizations

Attending relevant community meeting and local organizations that relate to your research project is a great way to network and meet other potential investors or individuals who want to fund your research themselves. The more actively engaged and involved you become with your community of professionals in the field you are in, the easier it is to receive recommendations and to find those interested in seeing your grant or funding proposals.

Asking for money is always a difficult task. Chances are, if you are doing a research project, you might not have a lot of experience in marketing. However, getting a good promotional campaign going is the best way to gain support for your project. Yes, word of mouth is powerful, but you really need to use every resource that you have to get your name and project out there. If you put in a little extra work to promote the project, you’ll find that you can reach a much broader audience, therefore allowing you to get more funding.

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