Protecting Your Brand: 6 Reasons Employees Are An Extension Of Your Business


Employees are representing the brand of a business at all times. Employee actions can sometimes help or harm a business. They are active representatives in the eyes of the community and consumers. There are six reasons why employees are an extension of a business and brand.

Protecting Your Brand- 6 Reasons Employees Are An Extension Of Your Business

Employee Comments Carry Weight Publicly

Employees who speak to other people about the business are considered to have inside knowledge of the company. Consumers assign special weight to these comments because they are assumed to be true when coming from employees. This can be positive or negative depending on what employees say in public. By having the right types of employees, who take your company seriously, this can be a huge benefit for the company. While on the other hand, if you have questionable employees, this can be a huge hindrance and possible liability.


Employee Behaviors Are Attributed To the Brand

The behaviors of employees are attributed to the larger brand. A rude or uncaring employee can make people in a storefront or in the community see the brand in the same way. The reason is a general feeling that the brand is conducive to bad behaviors or completely uncaring about those actions.


Criminal Actions Can Generate Negative Press

Criminal actions by employees can generate negative press that lasts for a long time. The business could be involved in a case if an employee is charged with domestic violence. Although a domestic violence defense lawyer will minimize exposure, the company name could still appear in public records and news reports. Employees can unintentionally involve the business in negative press and criminal proceedings.


One Employee Can Affect Morale and Brand Messaging

One employee can negatively affect morale inside the business. This can cause other employees to take on bad habits or to speak badly about the brand outside of work. This can undo brand messaging in the community and in the workplace if the behavior is not stopped.


Employees Can Generate Sales Leads in the Community

Knowledgeable and trained employees can actually generate sales leads in the community. Proper training means employees have knowledge of company solutions to consumer problems. A few words to someone on the street could create a new customer with a personal connection to the brand. But on the opposite side of the spectrum, if your employees are not trained in basic understanding of your company and what they offer, it could cost you a potential sale.


Social Media Can Tie Employee Comments to the Business

Personal interactions through social media today can sometimes tie back to the employer of an individual. Employee social media postings can cause branding trouble if comments are politically controversial or simply insulting. Employees are perceived as representing the brand when using social media.


Businesses need to take steps to ensure employees are good representatives. This should include training in core values and brand messaging. Businesses should also put strong policies into place that protect the brand and limit potentially harmful employee actions. This will help to make certain employees are positive extensions of the business.

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